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  1. Seinfeld Chains - May
  2. Divorce- Simple Living Afterwards
  3. scheduled mower, junker and mover
  4. how many hours, moving and purging
  5. Coins - what to do with them?
  6. Purge 2015 June Declutter 100 Items
  7. Seinfeld chains - June
  8. maybe squeezing out of a storage unit
  9. Purge 2015 July Declutter 100 Items
  10. Trigger for simplifying?
  11. Simplifying or right-sizing hobbies?
  12. Simple living/minimalist heroes?
  13. Tough question about going "extreme" with minimalism/simple living
  14. Recovering hoarders?
  15. What is your "dream" simple life?
  16. "Possession pressure?"
  17. Total life reboot?
  18. Certainties and doubts?
  19. Great info graphic on shopping bans...
  20. Seinfeld Chains - July
  21. Time Management ~ How to Balance
  22. Clothing/accessories inventory
  23. Letting go of "should do"s and time management
  24. Simple Wardrobe
  25. What is minimalism and what do words mean?
  26. Seinfeld Chains- August
  27. Purge 2015 August Declutter 100 Items
  28. Coffee Table Clutter
  29. Old documents, family photo's *unmarked mostly*, yearbooks, etc.
  30. Wedding Rings
  31. OBL (One bag living)
  32. Purge 2015 September Declutter 100 Items
  33. Offline blogging help?
  34. Seinfeld Chains - September
  35. Decluttering is now a disease?
  36. I feel stuck between a rock and another rock...........
  37. Do you make your bed?
  38. Most impactful items you have downsized/decluttered/gotten rid of?
  39. Reflection
  40. Workshop versus Decorator's Special
  41. Back to Black
  42. DH & I are back to sharing a closet
  43. Purge 2015 OCTOBER Declutter 100 Items
  44. Seinfeld Chains - October
  45. Pre-move decluterring is SO hard
  46. Stuff, and living in the moment.
  47. "10 for 10" simple living test
  48. Has anyone gotten rid of anything that they missed or regreted?
  49. Fall cleaning, threw away recycling
  50. fall computer clean up
  51. Purge 2015 November 100 Items
  52. Article: A month of minimalist tips!
  53. What's in my...
  54. tell me it's ok to toss this
  55. Article: Instead Of Decluttering, It May Be Time To Think About 'De-owning'
  56. Where to put your final bits
  57. Ignoring individual posters on here...
  58. Article: Our stuff burying us alive: The mountains of garbage we call "collections"
  59. Article: How Minimalism Can Improve Mental Health
  60. Eliminate key ring clutter!
  61. Article: 7 ways clutter is ruining your life!
  62. How many socks?
  63. The Life-Changing Magic of Intentional Ignorance
  64. small house and holidays
  65. Article: Hoarder tries "The Minimalist Game!"
  66. Kondo-izing closet
  67. Article: 'Digital Hoarding': A New Disorder?
  68. Purge 2015 DECEMBER 100 Items
  69. fire safety?
  70. Encyclopedias again
  71. Time Wasters? Selling stuff on Craigslist vs. Donating it....
  72. "The Ultimate Downsizing Tool"
  73. Article: How Self-Reliance and Voluntary Simplicity Equals Power
  74. "Finishing" energy
  75. SO you know you are normal
  76. Planners
  77. Electronic planners/to-do list/project trackers -- seeking group wisdom
  78. Article: Compulsive hoarding: profiling personality traits Got Anxiety?
  79. End of year organizing
  80. Purge January 2016----5 items a day.....
  81. Decluttering and duplication
  82. DH is on board - it's a miracle!
  83. Setting a Decluttering Goal in Units of Time Using Flylady's Timer Method - Jan 2016
  84. How often do you brush your pet?
  85. purses, purse size
  86. Help me get to 100
  87. I am philosophically opposed to more crap coming from my hobby groups
  88. 100 more things...
  89. I sold the armoire!
  90. Purge February 2016----5 items a day.....
  91. Five tips for living a minimalist life (satire?)
  92. the longest chapter of my life is closed
  93. A box of keepsake letters
  94. Funny! How To Get Rid of Clutter & Live Abundantly
  95. Is it worth it to do your own will
  96. Day off, cleaning papers
  97. Something finally "clicked."
  98. Year two of the elephant
  99. What do I do with this item?
  100. Regrets of tossing
  101. would you save this paperwork?
  102. Purge March 2016
  103. Spices, herbs and the like...how to know what is enough?
  104. Why Saying You Want Change is Not Enough
  105. Google "Keep": anyone using it?
  106. 1,000 things?
  107. Life skills?
  108. "Just in case" clothing
  109. My Personal Email Account Has Been Taken Over By Junk
  110. Are we up for a April Purge?
  111. Setting A Decluttering Goal in Units of Time Using Flylady's Timer Method - Apr. 2016
  112. Packing party...
  113. Identity
  114. May
  115. Something you really like relies on something you profoundly dislike...
  116. Nice idea -- the "done" list
  117. May Purge
  118. Move to the Philippines for an easy life?
  119. work load and too many choices
  120. Giving up the past/fantasy selves
  121. Detailed life plan...
  122. The Case Against Minimalism: When It's Good to Want More
  123. Trying out the KonMari Method
  124. Creating a simple cat bed
  125. June Purge
  126. Finding my style at home...
  127. Dehoarding the barn
  128. What happens after the big "clean"/decluttering/stuff purging?
  129. Organizing
  130. Getting back to my minimalist ways...
  131. Expansion on my clothing style
  132. Great minimalism series...
  133. This week's challenge...
  134. Do you bullet journal?
  135. A Lesson In Minimalism From The Dalai Lama
  136. A place for everything
  137. Breaking my stuff down into piles
  138. Starting the decluttering again
  139. Motivation to Declutter
  140. Well I did it...
  141. Moving forward...
  142. Minimalist in Pics
  143. "Churning"
  144. Pinterest for Organization???
  145. Clothing...
  146. Do you like Feet on your furniture?
  147. How much decluttering would you have to do for a sudden move?
  148. Craigslist selling has been very interesting
  149. July purge
  150. Cleaning up the studio again
  151. The Slow-Growing Cancer of Clutter
  152. The stuff you can't decide on parting with
  153. My attempt at not doing "too much"
  154. Finding balance
  155. The Lure Of Minimalism
  156. Wish me luck! I'm doing the Marie Kondo cleanout this week - as much as I can
  157. August purges
  158. Another anti-minimalism essay
  159. old paperwork, taxes
  160. The Class Politics of Decluttering
  161. closet clean out time
  162. Hoarders on A & E
  163. Cleaning Out Your Email and Spam Folders
  164. The values-based walk-through
  165. when one part of life gets organized,....
  166. Spider Mom
  167. Tips for Getting Things Done
  168. New Household Dust Study
  169. Back to simple living...
  170. September/October purging and cleaning
  171. Cherishing the simple things
  172. Downsizing advice needed
  173. Coming home to a "friend"
  174. Storage Units?
  175. Good article on Capsule Wardrobe
  176. I have a sudden urge to hoard ths thing
  177. Marie Kondo to the tune of Paul McCartney
  178. Rearranging furniture
  179. Hoarders vs. American Pickers
  180. cleaning out/doing it right vs delegating
  181. Vacuuming Time!
  182. Looking at moving and anxiety (a long post)
  183. Critters causing better cleaning and organizing
  184. Trying to convince teen sons to donate unwanted things to charities for end of year..
  185. November Purging
  186. Kids Stuff - Toys/books/etc -how to handle?
  187. December purge
  188. Utility and credit card bills--snail mail or e-statements?
  189. Hoarders Marathon
  190. A & E New Hoarding Episodes!
  191. Organizer Opportunity
  192. Setting a Decluttering Goal in Units of Time Using Flylady's Timer Method - Dec. 2016
  193. Video: Why are we so attached to our stuff?
  194. Right-Sizing
  195. Curating vs collecting
  196. January purge
  197. Helping a friend move...
  198. Sunday Night's Hoarders
  199. February Purge
  200. Decluttering the mind.
  201. The price of being overextended
  202. Grey Gardens is for sale
  203. Year three of the elephant
  204. The Buddha: If I Could Do It All Over Again, Id Probably Have A Few Possessions
  205. Setting A Decluttering Goal in Units of Time Using Flylady's Timer Method March 2017
  206. cleaning out car from smoke smell/quitting update
  207. March purge
  208. Ultra spiritual minimalism
  209. Marie Kondo - New Book!
  210. April purge
  211. Hoarding-sensitive people please weigh in
  212. Clearing Out Parent's Home
  213. Is anyone here a minimalist?
  214. stuff in a small space
  215. May purge
  216. 206
  217. Crafting becoming businexx
  218. Setting a Decluttering Goal in Units of Time Using Flylady's Timer Method - July 2017
  219. Organizing computer crap
  220. Kondo-ing books
  221. July Purge
  222. Kondo Project
  223. Clutter Is...
  224. Tips on Beating Procrastination
  225. Creating a dedicated Work and Storage space?
  226. CS Monitor article: "One Day This Will All Be Yours"
  227. Changes in the Rest of Your Life from Using the Kondo Method
  228. August Purge
  229. buddy system
  230. 225
  231. Much smaller space at work
  232. moving advice needed
  233. Becoming a boring person...
  234. I thought I was doing well
  235. Disengaged.
  236. Life cycle of Goodwill clothing donations
  237. September 2017 purge
  238. Another Kondo thread: Is "Does it Spark Joy" the right Q?
  239. Foam Recycling
  240. Could you live happily out of a rucksack?
  241. Do you get your photos printed?
  242. October Purge
  243. hygge
  244. Appliances recommendation for renovated unit
  245. Surge in cleaning out stuff
  246. When someone buys you stuff you don't want or need (huge rant)
  247. November Purge
  248. Aluminum Siding
  249. getting into the piles
  250. did the scary thing