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  1. I get to be a trainer,
  2. 2 more days off, what to do?
  3. ideas to address self-doubt
  4. want to take summer off
  5. those missing conversations
  6. very bad day at work
  7. 13 leadership skills
  8. yes there are stupid questions
  9. 4 days!
  10. LOTS of time off available
  11. too much work at the office lately
  12. interviewed great candidate
  13. intellectual stimulation
  14. White collar automation?
  15. Advocating for myself
  16. Mindfulness at work
  17. Back and Unemployed
  18. very weird coincidence, need advice
  19. snob or standards
  20. better at boundaries!
  21. IT experts help for Linux?
  22. "Feeling safe"
  23. Witnessing and Hearing Stuff that Should Not Be Discussed in Public
  24. interviewed great candidate part 2
  25. meeting coping skills
  26. new structure/supervisor
  27. Stories at work
  28. writing up sensitive staff
  29. Hired
  30. Menial Jobs
  31. Cliques
  32. creativity boost
  33. stress level soaring dudes,
  34. I have no clue what to do, no one responding
  35. new staff starts Monday!!
  36. are we grownups yet? fridge issues
  37. making a living from gentrification
  38. Parents please read! and do
  39. breaking away from to-do list today
  40. is it Monday or do I need a career change
  41. preparing to work on a bad team
  42. Professional opportunity
  43. validation today
  44. dramatic week (with weather)
  45. I was nominated
  46. we may hire really challenged people
  47. rudeness at work, should I answer back?
  48. I got a grant!
  49. zen like acceptance or BS
  50. I'm done
  51. Listening, sigh
  52. one week subbing for camp
  53. Need a goal this year
  54. Moving rooms at work
  55. not comparing, okay comparing
  56. "Selling" my time and skills - pricing
  57. Difficult coworker?
  58. New work roommate aaaah!
  59. Oh beginning of the year, more staff quit
  60. I like my new sup
  61. She went to jail
  62. Open house today!
  63. side job frustration
  64. one step to moving forward, moving on
  65. Interesting question about moving up in the workplace......
  66. People going into interviews with unreasonable requests
  67. Interesting incident at work
  68. Just did my first write up.....
  69. an interesting project
  70. What would you do? (sorry, really long)
  71. Super compliment escalated
  72. About to take off for my first meeting as supervisor....
  73. so any advice about longwinded new sup
  74. Ethical dilemma, dang it
  75. Myers-Briggs: worst workplaces for each type
  76. signed back up to do volunteer mediation
  77. surprising leadership
  78. largest employer in every state
  79. how many want to quit?
  80. Office activities?
  81. difficult feedback to boss?
  82. worst day ever, just send kind thoughts
  83. going into the twilight zone
  84. starting the job search
  85. long talk with supervisor
  86. my day just got significantly worse
  87. Stepford office
  88. New recognition program at work
  89. tracking work tasks for boss
  90. Laws about sexual conduct in workforce VS in politics in Canada and the US
  91. supervisor showed up!
  92. and now he is cancelling my plans,...
  93. Survived the week, on vacation
  94. first viable job to apply for (and update)
  95. oh those difficult conversations
  96. Work has gotten very bad
  97. The part of my job I don’t like
  98. Manager vs leader
  99. Who do you call
  100. This was nice.....just very nice.
  101. it resolved, and very good
  102. back to bad again, in 2 days
  103. the 'how' of finding a new job
  104. What is the maximum number of hours you will work a week?
  105. Does what you do for money = identity for you?
  106. Response to corrective action
  107. applied!
  108. New Policy Due To Sexual Harassment Mania......
  109. Alleged racial discrimination at my workplace...
  110. Well that worked out
  111. and the next thing didn't work out
  112. Best feedback!
  113. Cleared to apply for teaching jobs
  114. had the communication meeting
  115. i got an interview!
  116. she turned in notice
  117. my review, and his review
  118. Something nice.....I managed to get a full weekend off!
  119. being helpful, taken for granted
  120. Maybe 5 jobs to apply for
  121. Building shutting down at work (and can they do this?)
  122. managing lower performers
  123. Subversion and insubordination
  124. spoke up for myself,
  125. Do you know anything about fitness certifications?
  126. Mid-life career change is it possible? is it a good idea?
  127. Interview
  128. met the teacher recruiter
  129. Having a bit of an identity crisis.....work related.......
  130. Here's something I am grateful for today.....
  131. job board is down, grrrr
  132. questions and concerns
  133. still standing, improvement plan and all
  134. resume question, and how are the other job seekers doing?
  135. Sunday Fun-day! (job applications)
  136. update on work
  137. teacher job fair
  138. You really do give up a lot to hold down a job, don't you?
  139. if you work with kids, weirdly funny
  140. got an interview
  141. not again,...
  142. Argh target
  143. this is creepy
  144. position open at the site school I work at!!
  145. better cover letter
  146. Interview went well and i survived
  147. Extremely annoying coworker?
  148. While waiting
  149. What to wear,...
  150. today's interview (and meeting)
  151. Connecting through conflict weekend training
  152. Interview for Promotion Over....have no idea how it went.
  153. I may be done with this field of work
  154. feeling a bit better
  155. how to respond, job is reposted
  156. Didn't get the office job/promotion......
  157. Not hearing back
  158. I got a real apology, dude!
  159. How old to retire?
  160. validation, saw old supervisor
  161. business plans for next year
  162. major change to summer programming
  163. New gig!
  164. Such a nice parent compliment I cried
  165. improvement in that I am laughing
  166. Dh and retirement
  167. parent survey rocks!
  168. Can we please remove the kick me sign!
  169. "trust does not matter"
  170. Funny, boss thought I quit
  171. writing a rebuttal
  172. Boss fired unexpectedly
  173. Summer placement awesomeness!
  174. Be careful with the energy you put out
  175. Customers at work - OMG!
  176. weekly check in with sup
  177. BLS says Job Openings > Number of Unemployed
  178. Got through the first day of the biggest cluster-***
  179. So I can't talk to my outside providers now
  180. First Monday off, and what do I do?
  181. Help Wanted: Librarian. Perks: Heavenly location
  182. saw my counselor, different prespective
  183. my leave was approved
  184. Motivation to job search
  185. What to wear to a job interview??
  186. Willing to work for $15-$20 an hour?
  187. new job possibility second thoughts
  188. kinda freaking out
  189. Retirement date - your thoughts?
  190. Got an interview
  191. Why do so many workplaces suck
  192. Yes! My crochet class is a go this time
  193. Possible future employers and social media
  194. what if they don't want me back
  195. Post interview
  196. Going back
  197. how would you handle this, low pay inquiry
  198. well that f-ing sucked
  199. I got the job !!!!!
  200. Applied Internally
  201. A job interview for The Ultralight...
  202. goodbye notification
  203. 6 more days, OMG
  204. less than 4 days, and close out of improvement plan
  205. Last real day
  206. This is new....something positive for once (regarding the workplace)......
  207. Alan, is this the first day of the rest of your life?
  208. First day!
  209. Pittsburgh
  210. Not reading the review
  211. Dude, 40 hours
  212. For those who work.....
  213. still a little sad
  214. Diversity at work?
  215. using my experience to teach
  216. Decided to do the exit interview
  217. apparently we need a support group
  218. What is going on with this co-worker?
  219. side job dissapointment
  220. Getting my groove back
  221. Whew, did the hard thing
  222. this is burdening me
  223. Got 2 compliments today, and a hilarious potty story
  224. Coworkers/customers who cling to “the old ways”
  225. Hair dos.
  226. doing contract work
  227. I am really enjoying 40 hours
  228. Chronic lateness
  229. got to buy books!
  230. Handicapped parking spot
  231. Workplace issues handled well!
  232. Thinking of Retirement
  233. Petty stuff but it drives me bats
  234. a year ago this week
  235. the side work organization
  236. good work moment,
  237. assistant has been off for 2 weeks, not sure I miss him
  238. Finally really looking for a new job
  239. Left my soul sucking job
  240. Question for teachers about social security
  241. Ongoing reflection to learn from
  242. Getting really anxious
  243. 60 days to retirement (not that I'm counting). (OK I'm counting)
  244. I love my job
  245. this kid is driving me bonkers
  246. Bit of anxiety
  247. officially pissed off
  248. 2 days off school
  249. for those in education
  250. this week I want to run a food truck