View Full Version : Happy Pi (PIE) Day

3-14-11, 3:22pm
Happy Pi day! 3.14 always a good day to celebrate with a Pie!


I think I will stop by and get my dw a pie on the way home! :+1:

3-14-11, 5:03pm
This always creeps up on me! I agree, a pie is in order. My dear husband would not know what Pi is, but he would gladly accept pie any day for whatever reason!

3-14-11, 5:41pm
In a few years it will be even better --- 3.14.15!!! :O :O :O

3-14-11, 6:31pm
I am definitely on board to celebrate, but I need to figure out a pie I can make easily tonight when I get home from work, with ingredients I already have on-hand.

3-14-11, 8:38pm
I had heard it was Pi Day, promptly forgot about it, then made a pie today - my subconscious mind at work! It's strawberries/Greek yogurt/honey in an almond/walnut/date crust. Testing out a "raw" recipe, but adding yogurt to make it creamy.