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3-28-14, 9:47pm
Hi Everyone,

I've been reading this forum again as a lurker. It was kind of fun to do, like watching t.v. I don't have t.v. because it's another cut I made to save money. (especially since they raised my internet price to $45.00 a month!) This place is like a soap opera! I would hate to see it wither, though. There are so many great people writing about their experiences, and the size of it makes it more intimate. It's very entertaining. Everyone's stories are fascinating.

I heard from Mrs. M. a few times. She's doing really well. I suggested that she start her own forum. She told me that she's too busy.

The one thing I've learned from being off this forum (and just reading it,) is that bringing in the personal really opens you up to opinions you may not want. It's too bad there's not a way to post to just people who you trust, but on a forum, you've got the masses.

I was always taught not to discuss religion or politics, so I'm going back to that. Didn't read any of those posts while I was gone. I was just interested in the people, and what they were doing and how they were feeling...

Hope everybody is doing well, and I look forward to reading your posts.


3-28-14, 9:49pm
Welcome back awakenedsoul! :)

iris lily
3-28-14, 11:24pm
hey good to see you here!

3-28-14, 11:36pm
So nice to see you back, awakened soul!
"I was always taught not to discuss religion or politics"...that is a good policy!

3-29-14, 6:10am
Great to see you again, awakenedsoul! Thanks for speaking out! And thanks for the update on Mrs-M. I often think of her.

3-29-14, 9:33am
Nice to see you back again, Awakened Soul! I too am glad for the update on Mrs. M! :)

3-29-14, 10:43am
AW! It's really good to see you here again. I for one have missed your posts and I am glad to see you posting here again and welcome you back! How are your fruit trees coming along? Since you last posted I have planted two lime trees, two peach trees, a fig tree, and a nectarine tree, and am having good luck with all but the nectarine. Rob

3-29-14, 1:07pm
Hi again. Thanks for all the replies. Cathy A. I'll send you a pm about my new fridge. I saw your post.
Thanks iris lily. Looks like the irises will be in bloom soon.
Gardenarian: Yeah. I just feel better, stronger, and happier when I keep my focus. As I get older, I see how connected the body is to the emotional state.
catherine: Thanks. Mrs. M. was so upbeat and one of the main reasons I started posting. I liked her friendliness and enthusiasm for simple living and the home.
rosarugosa: Thanks. Mrs. M. mentioned she missed you and the other people here that she was close to...I can't remember all the names, but you know who you are.
gimmeethesimplewlife: Good to see you, too. The fruit trees are amazing! I switched to planting standards, and they are flourishing. Sitting out on the swing under my chicken coop is so relaxing. They are starting to fill in and it's like a forest of fruit. Congrats on your trees. I'm sure with your kindness and sensitivity that you have a green thumb.

3-29-14, 1:57pm
By the way, if you are still paying $45 for internet, I think you are probably paying WAY too much for internet. Sure it depends how fast you want your internet to be (are you just reading webpages or are you downloading movies etc.), whether you have a landline (if not DSL may not make sense and you might be better with a cable package), etc.. But that price seems really steep.

3-29-14, 4:39pm
Hi Awakenedsoul and welcome back. I always enjoyed your posts about your very simple life, and I know other's did too and missed hearing about them. Staying out of forums that are too political or you feel uncomfortable with is a good idea. Some (me!) like the energy that comes with those more political discussions and other's don't. So just ignore those that you don't enjoy or aren't part of your version of simple living. Are you still living up in the hills? I'm in the process of selling my house myself to travel a bit but will probably still have Calif as a home base since my sister & friends are here (and you can't beat the winters here!!).

3-29-14, 8:37pm
Hi Spartana. Thanks. I always enjoyed your posts, too. Yes, I'm still here in my little cottage. It makes my life very affordable and it's a great location for what I need. We are very spoiled during the winter.
ANM: I know. It seems high to me, too. I'll call and see what I can do. Last time I was on hold for a long time. I don't have a land line anymore. That was another one of my budget cuts.

8-7-14, 6:33pm
Hi Awakenedsoul, wow fruit trees and chickens, we have some crazy things in common already. I admire your simple lifestyle and look forward to reading more about it.

8-7-14, 7:25pm
Thanks Aroha...likewise. I think we can grow a lot of the same things, from what I've read.