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6-3-14, 3:45pm
Hi guys, I'm from the old SLN boards. It's been a few years! Glad to have found this new place, but I must say it sure isn't as active as the old boards and seems to have taken a different direction...

Well, DH and I worked very hard to get all of our debt paid off the last 10 years. We were recently able to retire with absolutely no debt. Sold our house and bought a tiny little cabin on the lake, which has always been our dream. Even have our own boat dock, so we are out on the lake frequently in our little boat. It's very woodsy here which we love, but there is a small clearing on the side of the cabin where we put in a raised bed garden. It is producing well! We had to get rid of more than 3/4 of our possessions to live here in this tiny 2 bedroom cabin, about 650 square feet, but we love it here. It's nice living with just what we need and no more. Feel like we are finally living the simple life! No more rat race, traffic, and bills. Our kids are all grown adults now and we're done paying for college too! :) Loving the empty nest, but so happy when the kids visit! Our sweet dog, Molly, and our 2 cats, Finn and Jesse keep us company these days. Glad we're young and healthy enough to enjoy our retirement too. Retired at 55!!! :)

Glad to see you all again!

6-3-14, 3:49pm
So great to hear from you!! Yes, we have some "old folk" from the old SLN boards, and plenty of new folk. Thank you for filling us in on your new life, and congratulations on your early retirement! Please continue to fill us in on your journey. it's very inspiring!

6-3-14, 4:03pm
Welcome! And congrats on your progress. I will admit to being quite envious of your little cabin and retirment. But you also give me hope! Thanks. And welcome back.

6-4-14, 9:17am
So glad you're back!

6-4-14, 9:39am
Welcome back, Songbird! It's great to hear about your success at becoming debt-free and living a simple, natural life in a place you love. Well done! :)

Sad Eyed Lady
6-4-14, 10:03am
Welcome back! I too am an oldie but goodie from the old SLN boards. My user name then was Shalompoet; just had a desire to change it for some reason. Looking forward to posts from you in your little lake cabin.

6-5-14, 4:42pm
Thank you for the warm welcome! I look forward to chatting with you all. :)

8-7-14, 5:24pm
Songbird, your retirement lifestyle sounds idyllic. Something for others to aspire to.

8-7-14, 6:38pm
Great post, Songbird. I missed this one the first time it was posted. I've been doing a lot of what you're doing, on nearly the same time frame. Sure feels good to be out of debt. I love having a small house without a mortgage.

How would you say the boards are different now? I agree with you. I'd just like to hear your perspective. What did you like best about the old boards? What do you miss?

8-8-14, 12:15pm
Welcome back! You're living my dream! Good for you! Look forward to your postings.

8-8-14, 12:53pm
Welcome back Songbird...your life sounds so perfect for you and the dreams that you had. Glad you were able to make them come true....

Float On
8-8-14, 2:08pm
Love your post! Welcome back. I remember you from the old boards but I just lurked there.