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Zoe Girl
3-17-11, 10:12pm
I supervise 4 schools of after school enrichment care in an area where we are funded by grants instead of parent tuition. That is in case it matters. I have one school where I have felt some resistance to some of the changes out there and a general resistance as well. I actually really love the lead teacher and like all the TA's but we need to spruce up some things as well as deal with licensing changes as they come up.

The lead teacher is a young lady that I feel is like me 20 years ago, and we still agree on music like Rage Against the Machine and Warped Tour. That really doesn't matter but with that in common we have a similar personality in ways. That means we have a backbone and stand up for what is right, we do not deal with heirarchy/authority well unless they earn it, and we care very much about doing a good job personally.

So previous management was very much black and white, top down control style. Not my personality or style but I also am not sure how much I trust my style will be accepted. I have been in my position for a month and we have been working on site led improvement plans (they get to choose what they would like to work on based on data) and we had to handle a sunscreen licensing change (actually a lot more work than you would think). My approach has been to build relationships and trust first, deal with changes and issues as needed.

So (sorry so longwinded) I am feeling validated. My lead teacher has come to me with how to handle a few employee issues to talk it out. And yesterday I was talking it out with her and she shared something that happened early in the year where she was the fall guy for something rather unfairly. She was so open and honest that part of the employee issues are her own attitude stemming from that incident.

I just feel honored that she shared that, accepted her part in the overall attitude of this school, and just trusted me. I feel very validated and supported in my style of doing things here. We were able to talk about how to approach this one employee and also about how the change in management with me and other people in our organization is a real chance to get a fresh start and new attitude.

3-18-11, 8:25am
Well done and great progress!! It is a good sign when the staff can feel safe in sharing challenges.

3-18-11, 9:16am
Good for you, Zoe Girl! Working in education sometimes can feel like it's nothing BUT managing relationships, and you're very wise to see that from the get-go!

Zoe Girl
3-18-11, 10:17am
Oh yes Selah, I recall many years ago thinking that the relationships at work were just a sideline and wanted to get back to the 'work' all the time. Now I see that the relationships are actually most of the work. That is a real challenge of course but I am seeing the great value in it. I am at my schools at least once a week and am getting to know students, staff and families. I had a great chance to talk to a parent who at first just wanted to ask about spring break camp and I ended up being able to talk very honestly about how to parent teenagers (I know about that one, and know there are not easy answers).