View Full Version : what site do you use for your clip art/ smilies

3-19-11, 9:23am
i like the clip art i see and the different smilies; which do you use and is it free or is there a fee

thanks for any info.

3-19-11, 10:29am
Good morning Babr. This site is my favourite!


All other smilies I use I hunt down from wherever I can find them.

Check out my new latest one, my new favourite! http://www.smileyvault.com/albums/forum/smileyvault-mailboxhappy.gif

3-19-11, 4:18pm
thanks as always mrs. m; but i can't figure out the instructions;
signed computer challenged

3-20-11, 2:14pm
I'm sure there are a number of different ways of accomplishing the task of applying a smilie to a post, but here's the way I do it. Whether you post under "quick reply" or "go advanced", you will find a series of options (top of message screen) pertaining to font style, font size, colour, quote , etc. Start by selecting the smilie you want to use, I right click on it to "view image", then I copy the URL. Now, going back to the series of commands I mentioned earlier, select "insert image". (Run your cursor over the commands till you find it). Click on it when you do and a small task box will show displaying an http:// address space, paste the smilie URL (you copied) into the area and click on OK. I like to perform a "preview post" check to ensure all went as planned before submitting. That's it! :)