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Zoe Girl
3-20-11, 11:32am
so i went to a teacher job fair saturday. it could have been dismal but i knew there were likely no real jobs so i went in knowing that and making connections. I got 2 interviews and that was great. The first district was super nice and possibly has a job for 4th grade. Very small and very far away. as we were talking about the personality of the district I changed what i was saying was my professional development goal to my other one, GT education. They have a high level of identified gifted students there and that is something of great interest to me, I have researched this quite a bit and worked as a sub with a GT teacher often. They said I wouldn't have to have the endorsement either. I don't know, my kids are still pretty traumatized in some ways and my home is crazy so I would either move them extremely far or leave them with dad. We are going to do family counseling so we can work that out if I am even offered something.

I go to another one next saturday, the work getting ready and following up is pretty intense and myhouse has been bombed by all of us living here but I think I need to make this a priority anyways.