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8-18-14, 5:18am
Hi everyone,
I'm a newbie, looking forward to being getting to know everyone:). I'm from Ireland and been leaning the simple and frugal way both out of necessity and choice for a number of years. I'll probably spend a few days having a root, looks like a lot of information here, so i'm off to get started (oh also, went on the link for FI & downloaded the 9 steps, should be a good read!)

8-18-14, 7:25am
Hi and welcome. I'm quite new here too, mostly focussed on paring down to a simpler level of possessions right now, but also starting on the FI steps too, would be happy to discuss them as you go along if you're keen. Happy reading.

8-18-14, 8:16am
Welcome, Mentes! Looking forward to having you on the forum!

8-18-14, 8:53am
Welcome! It's always interesting and good to have a perspective from a poster outside of North America. The more the merrier.

8-18-14, 9:09am
Aroha, I'd love a wee chat about the nine steps once I get my head round it, I already done a rough calculation on DH's Real working hourly rate - He's not going to be a happy chappy;)
Hello cdttm & steve and Thanks a million for the welcome :thankyou:

8-18-14, 9:48am
Welcome, it's great to have another European aboard :)

Float On
8-18-14, 9:49am
Welcome Mentes!

8-18-14, 11:01am
Hi! Think you will really like it here with all of the information that people share!

8-18-14, 12:14pm
Ceud mile failte, from another Celt(I'm Scots!)

8-18-14, 1:15pm
Greets and welcome, glad to have you here! Rob

8-18-14, 1:43pm
Hi Mentes,
Welcome to the forum. I'm living simply and frugally for the same reasons as you are. It's amazing how much money you can save by changing your habits. There are a lot of thrifty, disciplined people here with great ideas.
I look forward to reading your posts...

8-18-14, 3:01pm
Hi, Mentes! I lived in Kells, County Meath; Omeath, County Lough; and Dun Laoghaire for a number of years. I sure wish I had this forum back then--I would have learned so much, received so much support from wiser and kinder heads, and maybe even would have followed the good advice I received!

8-19-14, 5:42am
:+1: Thanks all for the welcome and great to see some neighbours on here too, loving what I'm reading so far & looking forward to getting to know everyone :D