View Full Version : Fence ideas?

3-21-11, 10:05am
Our fence is starting to rot. I've been replacing the panels one by one here and there the last two years but there are still about 16 that need to be fixed or replaced. The cost of the materials to build matching ones is about the same as prefab wood sections. But, w/ the prefab we'd need to replace them all. The custom we can continue to pick at it as we've done so far. I'm trying to decide between these options or looking for other creative ideas for frugal fencing (it has to fly in the suburbs too, but it's a pretty casual diy neighborhood w/ no hoa).

3-21-11, 1:19pm
Here are a few ideas:

--a living fence (i.e. hedges, climbing plants, etc.)
--building a fence out of recycled wooden pallets
--building a fence out of pruned branches from your yard

You can google any of these ideas and find lots of information...

We are wanting to fence in our backyard, too, so I am eager to see what others suggest!

3-21-11, 1:42pm
I am seeing a lot of horizontal fencing replacing upright privacy. Doubt if it any cheaper though but gives a more modern look. The slats are skinnier though.