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9-8-14, 12:37pm
After living out of a small suitcase for 3 weeks, I donated all that I didn't not use, save my jacket, to the animal shelter. Now I have gone through one more time and did a clean sweep of the whole house.

I do mediation every day- whether in the shower or just in my chair for a few minutes and the word or saying that keeps coming to me is "Strip back, back to basics, keep in real and simple." It just kept coming to me for days on end.

This morning, after I loaded up my Jeep with the stuff, I meditated and I was very clear and calm. Peace was all I felt.

I do have enough, all around and I sent all the stuff off to the animal shelter with good wishing and hopefully they will make a lot of money to help the animals. That makes me feel good.

9-17-14, 11:31am
Happy to report, for my personal things are:
1. My pared down wardrobe- I am not going to count but I love every piece.
2. Laptop
3. A key bathroom items - donated or threw out a lot of items that I did not like or di not use
4. 1 set of suitcases- 2 include large, small and tote
5. 4 purses
6. 1 large drinking cup that I take with me everywhere- ditched the rest
7. 6 reusable shopping bags- since I do the shopping, I consider them mine. Stored in my Jeep
8. 2 notebooks, 4 pens, stapler, sticky notes w/holder, mousepad, 1 electronic picture frame

I have to downsize the picture frames I had. Had a great idea to take my top 8 favorite pics and have them put on canvas so I can put them going up the stairs. I think they will consist of both of our parents wedding pics, pic of me and hubby, pic of pets on one canvas (they can divide into 4 brady bunch style), one of my son and then my favorite pic of my husband and our son walking on the beach. Will decided on the other 2. I may do all the military folks in a 4 style too.

I have emptied out storage bins, bowls, hangers, etc- anything used for organization. I also am giving up 2 lamp shades, 3 lamps (WHAT???), 3 blankets, a mat, few small wall sayings (3), 2 canvas bulletin boards, 4 beach related decorative items, 2 purses, and a bunch more stuff I can't think of right now. Can't wait for this yard sale Saturday.

9-17-14, 1:11pm
good for you! You have something most want but few have. Enough.

9-17-14, 1:35pm
yes...and it's taken a lot of hard work and I understand WHY it's so hard to get there. I had a lot of road blocks and personal issues. :) But I am feeling more free.

I have decided on a career path and I am aligning myself with a fresher lifestyle, with my family onboard with it all. Hubby even cleaned out his dresser and closet last night and gave me not 1 thing but a PILE of clothes to sell or donate. I think he sees the ease of living, which he appreciates also.

9-17-14, 1:44pm
I think your list is fantastic!! Congratulations. (My only question is--4 purses?? Even I, with a 3 bedroom house and a packed garage, only has 2 purses. Are purses what Vicki and Joe D would call a "gazingus pin" for you? I'm just asking--not criticizing, because I think your downsizing has been fantastic.)

Also, regarding the pictures. I've often thought that if I did ever get a teeny space to live in, I'd consider a digital frame--that way I wouldn't have to make difficult decisions as to what to keep. And I'd have the variety and constant "surprise" of seeing something new now and then.

But in any case, congrats on your "enough"!

9-17-14, 2:08pm
Catherine- I love clothes and purses. I don't wear scarves or have a ton of jewelry- I have one real big purse, a "Tote" that is for working- holds my book, laptop, etc. and then I have a small crossbody for trips when I don't want to take the huge purse. After sitting here, I am getting rid of the other one. Then I also have a backpack- for working out and schlepping around gym stuff. : )

I would not say I am minimalist when it comes to clothes because I like variety but I do know what I don't like- long skirts, heavy sweaters (prefer a fleece), no high high heels (like ballet flats or a kitten heel), nothing clingy, I prefer lined clothing for professional wear- it just wears better.

I used to be a picture-holic and it's nice getting rid of everything and just having a few. I kept one large frame for my son's yearly school pic. As we get the new one, the old one goes into the album. :) It keeps me very organized. :)

The biggest thing with the digital frame is scanning everything in that is older and then sizing it right. But it's a little side project.

9-17-14, 2:34pm
Adding to the list:
1. One miniature pink Christmas tree with about 10 ornaments. Definitely mine. :)

Still have to go through the holiday stuff up in the garage attic space but I think I purged pretty good last year. We shall see next month. That stuff will just donate.

9-17-14, 2:43pm
I would not say I am minimalist when it comes to clothes because I like variety but I do know what I don't like- long skirts, heavy sweaters (prefer a fleece), no high high heels (like ballet flats or a kitten heel), nothing clingy, I prefer lined clothing for professional wear- it just wears better.

You know the clothing version of the Pareto principle: 80% of what you wear comes from 20% of your wardrobe. I have my "day" wear (cheap crap I can wear because I work from home 80% of the time) and "moderating" wear (what I wear when I'm on the road with clients).

My daily "uniform" is black yoga pants from Old Navy and a season-appropriate top, like a cotton crew neck, layered with a cardigan. I love the uniform approach. I do have a dress version of that, however--I have 4 identical Polo dresses in different colors. Makes getting up in the morning SO much easier! Hmmm, dress or pants? That's the only decision I have to make.

Re the digital frame--yes, I agree, that's better for just uploading photos that are already digital, but because I have thousands of those, that would keep me going for a while.

9-17-14, 2:57pm
Perhaps you can do a few different thumb drives of pics, for variety? Have themes- like all black and white pre-1970's or something. Then do all pets or kids or trips. :)

I used to do a lot of uniforms- both in the military and then civilian, so I like variety. 22 years of uniforms does that to me. :) I do split my closet seasonal because it's either dang hot here or winter. It's Texas. I would say 90% of my clothes fall into the dang hot. In the winter, I add fleece, jeans, boots and a coat. The 90% could be split into crap around the house, stuff for outside the house but casual, workout gear and then professional stuff, though I purged quite a bit of the professional. I think I have 1 black dress, 2 printed dresses, 1 black pant suit w/jacket, 1 striped pant, 1 navy blazer and 2 shirts for underneath and 1 pair of kitten heels.

9-17-14, 4:52pm
Add 3 pairs of sunglasses- one for everyday, one for the beach (think oversize and fabulous LOL) and 1 pair of old one's when I am washing the dogs outside, gardening, etc and don't mind if they get scratched or dirty. : )

Add 2 baseball hats (one for baseball game, one for exercising outside) and 1 cowboy hat.