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3-21-11, 10:39pm
That's right, another credit card is out of my life with a zero balance! I also closed it out and FICO score be damned, I'm just glad to have it out of my life.....Interesting though, when I closed it out I did not get referred to a human being paid to try to talk me out of closing it out - the whole thing was done by pushing options 1, 2, and three, even getting a letter in the mail to the effect that the account was closed was one of the options to press. Somehow I feel slightly cheated, I really wanted to tell someone paid to try to retain my account how great it felt to be free of this debt!!!!! Rob

3-22-11, 12:42am
hey, congratulations, Rob.......

yeah, you really want to be able to figuratively stick your tongue out and tell somebody...."hahahahahaha....you don't have ME on the hook any more".

good for you..... !

3-22-11, 6:59am
When we were getting rid of our cards; we would cut them up and send a certified letter requesting that they close the account at our request. Worked like a charm; no humans tried to talk us out of it.:):):)


3-22-11, 9:24am
Yay, Rob!!!

3-23-11, 12:08am
Great job, Rob! I think the FICO score thing affects you if 1) the closure of the account substantially changes your actual debt to available credit ratio and 2) you're looking for credit in the next few months. If you're not buying a car or house or changing up your insurance situation substantially it's probably not going to affect you all that much.

3-23-11, 4:24am
Good for you, Rob!! :+1:

I would like to have NO credit cards, but know that would affect my FICO score adversely.

3-23-11, 7:52am
Good for you for closing another one out. Making life less complicated gives you the simple life. If you want to keep some though you can always call the company and lower the limit. I have one with a few thousand dollar limit that we use for anything on the internet and it is enough for plane reservations if need be.

Don't forget to get the free credit report you are entitled to and check it. We do one company every four months.


3-23-11, 9:06am
Woo hoo! Neener neener to those creditors. ;-)