View Full Version : pets and faux leather furniture

3-22-11, 3:52pm
I need to get some furniture for the new digs and wondered how well fake leather stuff hold up against a couple of dogs (I'm a vegan so won't get real leather). How about microfiber? I'd like to get something that is easy to clean, doesn't get torn up or stinky but is comfortable.

3-22-11, 6:11pm
I suspect that even 'faux' leather would be marked by claws of pets?

3-23-11, 4:35am
My DD has a microfiber couch and it is holding up well to her dog and cats. It kinda looks like suede to me. It is pretty and comfortable too.

3-23-11, 2:06pm
I have a leather chair (I know, not faux, but I suspect in this area it may have the same benefits) and I have noticed that it has held up better than my fabric furniture. There are a few claw marks from my cats jumping from the ground to the back of the chair, but they are not interested in using it to sharpen their claws. Also, one of my labs loooves to rub on the furniture and hop up in it when we are not looking and over the past 6 years (when we got both) the chair is doing much better than the sofa, even though the sofa has slipcovered cushions which get laundered fairly regularly and have been replaced.

3-24-11, 12:27am
I would go with microfiber. I have literally cleaned permanent marker off of that fabric. Nothing really holds up that great to cats, but the microfiber furniture did pretty well.