View Full Version : Calphalon = awesome customer service!

3-23-11, 11:53pm
I recently mailed 2 pans back to Calphalon, as there were a couple parts where the nonstick coating had started to come off. I included a letter explaining that the pans were subject to normal usage in a standard household environment. Well only a couple of weeks later I get two BRAND NEW pans in the mail! :O :O http://i.imgur.com/501fZ.jpg No questions asked, just BAM - here's yer pans! Soooo, that's pretty cool eh? :)

3-25-11, 9:44am
awesome! We have Calphalon pots/pans and love them.

3-25-11, 7:05pm
When companies really deliver once something goes wrong, it is an enormous factor in building customer loyalty. I feel the strongest loyalty towards some brands where they made a major goof, and their resolution left me in a better position than if they hadn't goofed! The companies that immediately come to mind are Sears, Sawdust City, and Seabear seafoods. I also have strong feels about not taking advantage of companies with generous return/replacement policies. We vote with our $$$, and I want to take care of the companies that take care of me.