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3-24-11, 1:45am
Did anyone else catch this television special tonight? My oldest son and I just finished watching it and by far it was the best special I have ever watched on our universe. I posted the links of part I and II for anyone interested in watching.

Part I. http://video.pbs.org/video/1456686369/

Part II. http://video.pbs.org/video/1463392610/

Mighty Frugal
3-25-11, 9:15pm
Is this the program that takes you on a journey to the outer reaches of space. First our solar system, then beyond to the farthest reaches? If so, my dh and I watched it a year or two ago and LOVED it and I have been searching the web for it. If this is the same program that you have linked I will be thrilled ....do I dare dream? Can't watch it now-dh watching tv, but will be back tomorrow to shout a hearty THANK YOU from the mountain tops if this is my beloved program!!!

Mighty Frugal
3-25-11, 9:17pm
darn.went to peek, unavailable in my area due to restrictions...but now that I know the title I'm off to google

3-25-11, 10:00pm
Hi Mighty Frugal. I apologize to you for overlooking to state the fact that I also tried to view part one and two and was also foiled by unavailable in our area.

I believe this is the same special you speak of. It covers the Milky Way Galaxy thoroughly along with the very beginnings of telescope history and milestones (the Hubble Telescope specifically), then goes onto explain far, far away galaxies. It mentions in part two of the series that the universe is steadily expanding (all the time) and that if one could gather up every single grain of sand from every beach, every desert, and every square corner of the entire earth, the value of stars and planets exceeds that number! There was an incredible amount of interesting facts and things mentioned over the course of the 2 hour special. Things like how long it would take to travel to some of the far away planets, and how if one could conceivably travel at the speed of light (300,000 kilometers per second) it would take you 100,000 years to travel from one end of the the Milky Way galaxy to the other. Fascinating stuff like that.

Sound familiar? Maybe because the release of the special is new it will be available in our area soon.

3-25-11, 11:02pm
I wanted to watch and tried to but every time I left the room (dogs out, dogs in, dogs out, dogs in, etc.) when I came back DIY was on so I gave up. The snippets I saw looked good. We get 3 PBS stations that air the same programs at different times so maybe I'll get to see it sometime.

3-26-11, 10:44am
Hi Goldensmom. You made me laugh mentioning- "dogs out, dogs in, dogs out, dogs in"! :laff: I do hope you get to see it again (uninterrupted this time).

3-31-11, 1:23pm
I saw this and absolutely loved it!!!!!! I'm a huge "space" junkie - especially planetary geology - and just can't get enough of this kind of thing.

3-31-11, 1:36pm
Originally posted by Spartana.
I'm a huge "space" junkie - especially planetary geology - and just can't get enough of this kind of thing.Me too!