11-17-14, 8:10pm
I have always wanted to shout that on the Dave Ramsey show, and maybe I'll give him a call. But last February, we made our last mortgage payment, which was our last debt.

It took a lot of hard work, lots of digging after many years of spendfest.

Amy D was right - it was the hundreds of little things that added up over the years that led to our success.

11-17-14, 8:17pm
Great work, Molly! Isn't it a wonderful feeling?

11-17-14, 8:34pm
YAY! Congratulations!

Blackdog Lin
11-17-14, 9:20pm
How awesome for you Molly! It feels too wonderful, doesn't it? Adding my congratulations and best wishes for your continued financial well-being.

11-17-14, 9:58pm
That's great Molly. I remember the feeling of finally getting out of debt after fifteen years. It's such a relief. I still am constantly looking for ways to cut expenses. Life is much easier without the heavy weight of debt. Congratulations.

11-17-14, 10:36pm
Woo hoo!

11-17-14, 11:06pm
Feels great doesn't it :cool:

iris lilies
11-17-14, 11:14pm
Fabulous job, yay!

I wish we had more people coming on to this website, announcing that they've knocked out a debt! It doesn't have to be the Ultimate Debt, just a major debt down and we want to know about it!I hate debt, it makes my stomach queasy.

Another major milestone to announce is when one crosses the line from negative net worth to positive net worth. That's an exciting moment because form there on out, it's upwards in building that critical mass of money to fund early retirement.

11-18-14, 1:02am

11-18-14, 3:46am
Congratulations. You mentioned Amy D, and that makes me want to go back and reread her book (been years ago).

11-18-14, 7:34pm
Molly, that is fantastic! Way to go!:)

11-18-14, 7:43pm
Molly, that is fantastic! Way to go!:)

+1 As a Dave Ramsey follower, I applaud you on your debt-free scream! You can scream about it here all you want!

11-18-14, 8:23pm
Way to go, congratulations Molly, persistence pays off.

And it's also funny you mentioned Amy D. because I was cleaning out a bookcase and found the original newsletters of hers that I'd saved. I was a long-time subscriber, always wondered how her kids fared as adults - did they follow her frugal path??

Teacher Terry
11-21-14, 2:09pm
Owning your home free & clear is the best feeling in the world! I am very happy for you Molly. We reached this milestone slightly over 2 years ago.

11-24-14, 10:34am
And it's also funny you mentioned Amy D. because I was cleaning out a bookcase and found the original newsletters of hers that I'd saved. I was a long-time subscriber, always wondered how her kids fared as adults - did they follow her frugal path??

Hi Lainey - All 3 daughters were interviewed. They all reported happy childhoods and are living happily frugal lives. Here is a link to one of the interviews:


12-1-14, 7:41am
Wonderful post Molly! I agree wholeheartedly that it is the numerous little decisions over time that make the difference. The earlier started, the greater the impact and easier it goes; which is why I am so glad my kids learned early. We paid off our debt about a half a year ago and it is wonderful! Now we are concentrating on learning to be less dependent on money so as to become even more financially independent. Trying out our new solar oven today!

6-6-15, 7:28pm
We are too:cool:. I read "Your $ or Your Life" back in the day. Started tracking every penny and we still do.

How did we proceed from near bankruptcy after reading that book? Well, we didn't do 1 damn extra thing for 5years. We ate cheap. We didn't travel except a little camping instate. No splurges. Wore out everything. I sewed my clothes and some of DHs. We stayed home-it wasn't a fun journey but I was determined and DH agreed to go along for the ride.

We paid off our revolving credit and closed all but one CC (which has netted us MANY free plane tickets and hotel stays since the early 2000s. We paid off our cars and kept making those car payments into savings. Then we bought a 2nd home in the mountains as our retirement plan-DH is a homebody and I can travel with my sister so that cuts travel by half. We bought the cabin on an ARM which we took full advantage of by making our max payment. Paid it off in 54months. In 2011 we paid off our 20y mortgage at 19.5y. Haven't paid a nickel interest since :) I am driving my about to be 16yo car that will reach 100k miles in about 5weeks. We replace DH's about every 9y and that is the one we travel in.

It was our goal to have everything we wanted before we were 50 including no debt. We are so very grateful for this book and honestly, for having to consider bankruptcy. That was the switch! Our homes are both small, old-age ready and manageable even if we need a wheelchair. All we need to add is grab bars if that time comes.

There is such freedom in being debt free. It is so much easier to go to work because we don't have to go. We are socking away every legal penny into various retirement accounts. This will enhance our retirement. Oh so lovely however, to know that one of us could easily jump. I aim to jump at 60. DH is content to go to 65+

I'm new here so a little about us: DH thoroughly LOVES the IT world. He was a bit of a late bloomer starting his career at 33. I on the other hand am an RN and started my career 6d after my 20th birthday. So I just started year 34! Where does the time go I ask?

We have removed all grass from our city lot. We have raised beds (of which half were planted today), we have a blackberry patch, we have a big backyard concrete patio which is full shade by 3PM daily.

No children. I consider myself a professional aunt and the youngest of those babies is now 19 while the oldest is 40. They have 11 newbies amongst themselves and I get to see every dang one of them at a family reunion in July. Yippee! We have 2 fabulously entertaining purebred Lynx cats. (cheap buy on Craigslist-I would never pay purebred price but they only wanted vet fees which I would have paid at the shelter so adopted them at age 8m from a family that couldn't keep them).

I have buried both my parents already:|(

I look forward to some fun conversation around here about living life to its fullest and enjoying the daily journey.

In closing for now, these words I read many years ago..... "Now that I can afford broccoli, I'd rather grow it". :D Gardnr