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12-14-14, 6:10pm
Has anyone here used an induction appliance? Are you happy with it?

We just bought a portable single-burner induction cooker. It plugs into a regular counter plug. I am impressed with the fact that it can be set to any specific temperature. We have several cast iron pans and two induction-compatible s/s pots that work with it. I need to use it some more to learn about it. With the holidays coming, I just could not imagine how to prepare meals for company, with our stove only working on two good burners and one half-working one.

12-14-14, 11:01pm
I've looked at those burners and bookmarked them for when I might need them. I would have bought one when I was living in Honduras as I didn't have a stove, just a microwave, but I ended up moving back before I did. Some of the small houses/apartments that folks are doing now use those instead of a range and I think for those of us not putting a meal out for a family they would work just fine. Sorry, no experience with it yet, just think it is a great idea.

12-15-14, 10:46am
My sister went to that style of cooktop a few years back (also gave her and excuse to upgrade her pans, from when they first got married). My mom's new Jennair is that style, after the home warranty people broke her old stove (tryed pulling it out from the front, which I guess was all glass).
She likes it, but when I dogsit, I find the oven a pain to use. (I understand computers, but to me, a stove shouldn't be a computer, give me knobs, thank you) It would help if I could have seen the manual before being told to stay.

12-15-14, 12:11pm
I'm on my second convection hot plate (gave the first one to our son) and am now using a Max Burton with an interface plate (to use with pans that are NOT compatible, and I also have the griddle for it - great additions. Perfect for helping to keep the heat out of the kitchen in the summer. I also use my Thermal Cooker and Wonder Oven, and both require you heat a large quantity in the pans to a high temperature before setting them into the Thermal Cooker or the Wonder Oven for "cooking" without heat (saving about 80% of the energy needed) and the convection hot plate does the job in a fraction of the time as my stove-top.

From notes I took on the subject....
Induction uses 90% of the energy produced compared to only 55% for a gas burner and 65% for traditional electric range.

12-15-14, 6:55pm
The stove at our new house has an induction cooktop and convection oven - I've never used either. My dh has used the cooktop and says it heats faster than our current gas stove. He is worried about using any cast iron on the glass top, though.

12-15-14, 7:49pm
I bought an induction cooktop and convection oven when I moved into my new house in September. I love the induction with my stainless steel pots and pans and even my stainless steel press cooker. Lots of control options once I took time to read the simple directions properly. Very easy to use and does heat water much faster than a kettle as one example.
I could have had a gas stove but was not comfortable with a gas stove - never had one before. The induction is supposed to be more fuel efficient as well.
I opted for a regular convection oven that I love because I was familiar with its benefits.