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Zoe Girl
12-20-14, 4:53pm
yeah! we finally have composting here in Denver. it is limited so i have to decide quick. i compost in my back yard but honestly i don't very much now because i don't keep up with it. and branches and yard waste are too much. so it works out to about $10 a month and it is something i have been looking to have for a long time. i could clean up my yard, feel good, and take one more thing off my list by not thinking any day I will push myself to compost, i already am great about recycling, low consumption, reusable bags,

12-20-14, 5:41pm
That's great! If you don't use your own composted material in your yard and you think you'd compost more with the service, do the service. Will the city also give you the composted material back for garden use?

iris lilies
12-20-14, 5:59pm
... Will the city also give you the composted material back for garden use?

This. This so much.

We've got the best system in the world. Behind my house is a huge can where I can throw all of my plant materials. The city cooks it up into compost and then delivers it back to me. Or, I can go pick up truckloads of it.

Their big piles cook much faster and better than I can process it.


12-20-14, 6:26pm
Not here. They just take it away and charge me for it. Not that I'm complaining...

Zoe Girl
12-20-14, 7:22pm
not sure, it is brand new system. i know my landlord won't pay for it but it will probably charge her so i can add $10 to my monthly rent. i would still do it if i didn't get anything back.

just checked the flyer and it doesn't say we will get a deal to get it back

iris lilies
12-20-14, 7:47pm
Well, I would not stand for these capitalistic pigs stealing valuable assets from The People. Hell, they probably cook it down and sell it to a commercial compost firm who then sells it to gardeners. You pay coming and going. These nameless, faceless corporate weasels must be stopped.

At this point I'd be marching.

12-20-14, 8:23pm
You said it, Iris Lily. :D My marching days are over, but the sentiment lingers...