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12-29-14, 11:26am
I have had some downtime over Christmas and it's been nice. I have been able to catch up on some of my favorite simple/minimal living folks in the cyber world and it has renewed my spark to be more with less (nod to Courtney Carver). I am slowly going through my home today. I have started to take down a few Christmas decorations and really decided as to what I am going to keep.

Clothing- still pursuing this one but I made some more progress this morning. I did order 2 items on my wish list that are not replacements but filling in the gaps. I am excited and I saved over 65% by waiting. That also means, 2 more things out but that is easy. I found a dress and a pair of flip flops I don't like much, so there we go. I have major gaps in my summer wardrobe, which is shocking since I live in Texas and it's warm/hot/heck hot most of the year. Again, being conscious of what I already have, my colors I have chosen, my needs/lifestyle and budget.

House- all in all, it's coming together. I still have a list of needs.

1. Chandelier for kitchen- the one we have now is builder grade and makes the room so dark, it would be easier to use a flashlight and get more light.
2. Curtains- I have the rods, just need 8 more sets of curtains to finish off the house.
3. Flooring- this is going to be our Christmas present next year. Our builder grade rug is on it's last leg, as much as I kept it clean and what not. We are thinking of the wood looking tiles (with animals, hardwoods are out) I have seen the tiles in action and they seem to be holding up well in a high traffic area, so I will revisit this when the time comes.
4. Paint- I have to finish the upstairs and living room.
5. Matresses- for both us and our son. It's been 7 years since last purchase for son, almost 9 for us. It's time.
6. Paint Garage interior- this is a new one to the list. Hubby passed a neighbor garage and saw they painted it. He liked it. He doesn't ask for much so off to pick out paint tomorrow.
7. Small project list- 1. Headboard for Master- using 4 pieces of wood, made a homemade stain for it, need to rough up the wood a bit, think rustic/modern 2. Make more pallet board and hooks for the master. 3. Paint furniture we are keeping 4. Paint small misc. items- (4) total. 5. Organize pictures. I have a box from my mother's house and I need to get to getting them in order. Have the binder.

Continue with my pushing through and seeing if I can get the house to some sort of finish line (except the floors) by May, when I will be returning to school full time. I can see the finish line, now time to get there.

Continue to work on debt. We accumulated a little more than going down this year because when my mom and BIL passed away, it was 3 trips to New England for us. But we will keep plugging away.

Continue to focus on my (new) career. I am excited. I actually turned down a handed to me job in healthcare this past week. I just don't want to put my energy into something that has no value for me anymore. I would rather focus that energy on where I want to go. With starting my Master's in May, I don't want to be distracted or stressed out from a job I will reap no benefits from, other than a paycheck. We are ok.

Continue to focus on my health. Got the yoga going, long walks and more water. Going to try and give up coffee, should y'all hear of the crazy lady in Texas who went nuts, it's just me.

Continue to focus on family, my non career goals and making those dreams become reality.

This all ties into being less focused on stuff and the house and more on life.

Off to declutter some more. :)

12-29-14, 12:10pm
Good for you and great success in 2015.