View Full Version : don't do this! you'll be sorry! Install all of your woodwork within 1 decade!

iris lily
3-26-11, 8:23pm
Dh is working like a mad dog on our staircase, you know, the one I posted a photo of some time ago that is unfinished with no railings and just scrap wood as treads. Ugly it was. Now it's becoming beautiful.

So anyways, he's finishing the living room. 20 years ago we chose one kind of baseboard. Well, surprise, they aren't making that specific trim wood anymore. 3/4 of our baseboard was put in a long time ago.

Now DH has to hand make the top trim piece for it and it consumed one entire afternoon. That's one afternoon down the drain when it should have been spent on the staircase. doh. You would have thought that we'd be smart enough to at least buy all of it even if we didn't install it. But no! Dh claims that they were making this trim piece up unitl just 2 years ago.

When this project is finally done and we have a normal staircase and living room, I'll post photos.

3-26-11, 8:57pm
Iris, I am so happy for you to know you are finally getting your staircase! :) With your husband working like mad on it I'm thinking you must have laid the law down!!! :laff: I can't wait to see it!

Here's a special smiley for you that I think expresses your feelings about now. Hope you like it. http://www.simplelivingforum.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=138&d=1294376040

3-26-11, 9:00pm
Time flies when you are having fun!! Can't wait to see the photos.

DH should use this as an opportunity to buy some tools to finish the job that you might not otherwise have done. ;) Wood of any sort seems to be limited these days. Not like the old days when you could go to a lumber yard and pick molding, etc. The choices are limited and the suppliers are as well.

I love a home that is built with much thought and time to contemplate. I do think if you are doing the work and with the availability of digital photos that plenty of in-progress photos will make things much simpler later down the road if remodeling or repairs are necessary. Expecially wiring and even studs, etc.

Enjoy the experience and I know you do!


4-5-11, 11:14am
Iris Lily, since I am following in your uncompleted house footsteps, I showed this to my DH. His response, "That would just mean I get to buy some new router bits." Sigh.

4-5-11, 1:31pm
Good to hear that your sweetie is working on the staircase, Iris Lily.....nothing like threatening to hire someone to get some action, huh?

We finally finished the last few trim things on our house just a few weeks before we left "for a year" nomading, almost 19 years ago, because the guy who was going to be our housesitter (who then became our tenant and eventually became the person who bought the house when we never came back), was a building contractor and my sweetie was embarrassed to turn over the house without everything being done.

I got almost TWO WEEKS of living in a beautiful little home with absolutely everything in it finished and complete. After years when I got so tired of looking at insulation that I stapled up burlap that I got at a yard sale so I didn't have to look at the printing on the fiberglas insulation every day.

Sorry to hear about the moldings and trim pieces, though.......