View Full Version : DH is retired this week--I think!

iris lilies
1-13-15, 9:33pm
So strange, but it appears that DH is --retired. It crept up on us.

We both were planning to jump ship in 2015, and then he decided to seek treatment for bone spurs in his arm and there will be a 6 week recovery. Gotta do that surgery NOW so that he'll be ready for gardening season. It was either: surgery this winter, or surgery next winter. So, now is the time, assuming he can get in to have that surgery performed.

He has only a few jobs lined up in the future and his customers will just have to find someone else.

For those who are not aware, DH works for himself and so has no boss or workplace to "leave." He is 60 years old.

1-13-15, 9:51pm
Really!!!! Wow, best wishes to him (and you).

However, since he's self-employed, do you really think he'll stop cold turkey? Or will those little side jobs creep in once he's recovered?

I'm just imagining what your yard will look like when your DH has 24/7 to work on it!

1-13-15, 11:00pm
Yeah!! Your turn next and then mine.

1-13-15, 11:54pm
Hope he heals up fast -- i bet he will go back to work after that! LOL!

1-14-15, 12:02pm
Congrats to Mr. Iris Lily on pulling the plug earlier then expected. If I remember correctly he never planned on retiring at all but you did. Now it's your turn.

1-14-15, 12:05pm
It happens that way sometimes. I backed into retirement as a dance teacher unexpectedly. (when the economy tanked.) It's usually due to an injury or sickness. I my case an inheritance gave me options. Glad to hear you are both in the position to do so. It's nice to know he will always have work as a safety net, if he wants to return to it in the future...

1-14-15, 8:53pm
Good for Mr. IL! I hope the surgery goes well and he's back up and fixin' stuff on his own schedule.

1-14-15, 9:47pm
Restless men can be dangerous...:devil:
Congratulations to him!

Blackdog Lin
1-14-15, 9:58pm
Wishing you both all the best - and that you enjoy retirement at least half as much as I am! And of course good luck with his surgery.

1-15-15, 7:35am
Good luck to the both of you. I am sure you are well planned for retirement. Now hope you can work out your time together. There was a bit to much of that when hubby attempted early retirement for us:doh:

1-15-15, 8:00pm
He sounds like a true Gardener for sure. Great timing for the next season. Congratulations, and enjoy being retired!

1-15-15, 11:22pm
Well, that is great. He will have time on his hands, and I got a couple suggestions on projects he could do. One, would be to build an elevated hut, kind of like what they have on the perimeter of maximum security prisons and POW camps or the old Berlin Wall. It is like a guard or observation tower. It should be situated so it overlooks your Pea Patch, and of course have gun ports and spot lights so he can carefully aim his rifle--just like a sniper-- at those scwewy wabbits, when they twy to swipe his cawwots. Also, it should have room for a couch and TeeVee and microwave and fridge, in case of a domestic issue that requires temporary quarters. Then, it can serve as a Tiny House. See? Okay, next: Track down that old Cougar, repurchase it, and set up a workshop where it can be COMPLETELY restored, right down to the steering column. That should be no problem--after all, you've sworn many times that he is a genius who can fix ANYTHING. Well, that should be a start. Meanwhile, I will come up with some more projects, pending the outcome of those two.

1-15-15, 11:33pm
So is this met with glad tidings of great joy? Frankly DH works from home and that's about as "retired" as I can handle. ;)

Congratulations and have fun!

iris lilies
1-15-15, 11:44pm
So is this met with glad tidings of great joy? Frankly DH works from home and that's about as "retired" as I can handle. ;)

Congratulations and have fun!

Well, I do understand these comments about us running into each other during retirement. The kitchen area is very problematic.Yesterday morning I was up very early, unusual for me, and DH was doing his plant watering mid-week routine.

We kept running into each other, needing to use the kitchen sink. It was not pretty. I mentioned that we will need to adhere to a kitchen schedule in retirement with us both having set times when the kitchen is ours exclusively.

1-19-15, 8:30pm
Congratulations to DH!! I had to laugh at you and DH bumping into each other in the kitchen because we have the same problem and we really do take turns in the kitchen. I have been retired for almost 4 years and love it. My DH retired in January 2014 and went back to work in May but only 2 days a week which is working really well.