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1-15-15, 8:41am
Hi guys,

My name is Harald and I am from Austria. I've been lurking for quite a while now on minimalism-related subreddits on reddit, such as simpleliving, declutter, minimalism and so on. Just a couple of days ago I found this forum on the sidebar of /r/simpleliving and I like it so far, very interesting topics are being discussed here!

My journey started when I moved out of my parents' house and moved to a new city. I got rid of most of my clothes (which I donated to charity) and books (which I donated to libraries and gave to friends and family). At this point I started to realize what you really need, what is important and what is not. The good thing was: this was not the end of my journey.

I re-organized everything. I started to take care of my finances, kept track of my spending habits, got rid of financial and emotional burden, cut off ties with certain people and concentrated on those who can contribute to my life and vice-versa.

I'm really glad that I made the first step into a more simpler, a more organized and a less stressful live. There is still a lot to learn and the journey is not over. I am happy being a part of a like-minded group such as yourselves.

Looking forward to our time together.


1-15-15, 8:46am
Welcome to the group Harald! We look forward to hearing from you!

1-15-15, 12:31pm
Hi and welcome! I have been to Austria once and it looks as if I am going to visit again later this year. My Mother is from Salzburg and I have family there and in Vienna and in Graz. Beautiful country. Looking forward to reading your posts. Rob

1-15-15, 1:16pm
Welcome -- and congratulations for starting so early in life! Looking forward to seeing your posts.

1-15-15, 4:11pm
Thank you!

1-15-15, 4:16pm
Thanks Rob! That is great. I studied in Salzburg. Looks like your family is spread all over Austria :)

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1-15-15, 5:30pm
Welcome Harald, sounds like your well on your way on the SL path...looking forward to chatting with you here....christine

1-15-15, 5:30pm
Welcome, Harald!

1-15-15, 7:30pm
Hi Harald,

Welcome! I have fond memories of Austria. Many years ago I fell in love with a painter/sculptor in Vienna, and we had a wonderful time. I danced at the Deutches Shauspielhous (I believe that's the name of the theater,) 24 years ago. It was gorgeous, and the orchestra was magnificent! We spent time together in Salzburg, as well.

I look forward to reading your posts...