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1-17-15, 5:26pm
I was going through my phone, deleting contacts that I no longer had any type of need to keep and came across a friend I have not talked to in over a year. She lives in NC and has been working in the retail/design business for 15 years. I texted her and just said hi. My phone rang 20 seconds later. She was so upbeat and bubbly. We started chit chatting and I told her of my last year and my plans and she was very supportive. I asked her how she was doing and she told me she quit her job, sold her home and just about everything in it. She has changed her entire lifestyle, to eating healthy and working out and now she is chasing her dream. She is 35 and is becoming a firefighter!!!! I was so excited for her, I actually started crying. Dork!!! She is divorced with a child who is 10 now. She says her life is fantastic and she could not be happier and more close with her son. :)

She did tell me she has EVERYONE she knows against her, including family members but nothing is going to deter her. She said she did save as much as she could this past year, had the money from the sale of her house and stuff to live off of and is working part time so she can devote the rest of her time to working out and learning all she can for the fire academy test in August. She is able to pick up her son everyday and she is finding new outlets and people in her life.

So it's never too late and she was just the boost of oxygen I needed this week!!!

1-17-15, 6:55pm
That's awesome! It's so energizing to connect with people like that--I hope you two can stay in touch!

I did have to laugh, though, at this:

She is 35 and is becoming a firefighter!!!! …. So it's never too late

35 is babe in the cradle. I'm 62 and I still feel like a babe in the cradle.. and I didn't hit my stride until my late 40s when I learned a whole new business and climbed the corporate ladder.

I was watching Food Court Wars and one of the contestants (who won!) was a couple who had always dreamed of owning their own restaurant, so they were competing to win with their hot tamale concept. Their ages: 66 and 64.

Your point is well-taken.. and it's never too late whether you are 35, 45, 55, 65, etc. etc.

Thanks for the great story.

1-17-15, 7:09pm
Catherine- touché!!!

I find it sad that 35 is considered old by so many. I am starting over at 40 and I feel 22. ;)

Teacher Terry
1-18-15, 1:38pm
I think 35 is probably old for the physically demanding career she has chosen. I am rooting for her!! Sounds like she is happy. Too bad others can't be happy for her.

1-18-15, 2:07pm
Teacher Terry- she texted me a pic of herself..OMG!!! She was the girl who was always fabulously dressed, make up applied, very chic. Now, she is one ripped Mama!!! And she is looking great!!! And still pretty, though now she says she wears just a little light lip balm because makeup is highly flammable. :) She did tell me she is hyper focused on her health and recovery techniques, which she says are helping. She sounds like she is 16 again. :)