View Full Version : To Gina.

3-27-11, 10:06am
This one's for you! http://www.millan.net/minimations/smileys/imoksmiley.gif

3-27-11, 11:47am

LOL, thanks. I like it. :)

I harvested it. :~)

3-27-11, 1:33pm
I've been looking for a way to store a few extra smilies without downloading them here and using bandwidth. I'd been storing a few in a private message to myself and realized I could publicly post them for anyone to use at my profile.

I was also thinking a new thread posted where it was easier to find for everyone, and anyone could add favorite smilies of their own to it too. Think I'll do that. That probably would be easier for anyone who was interested in using them or adding to the collection.


There, done... New 'alternate smilie' thread - http://www.simplelivingforum.net/showthread.php?1150-Alternate-smilies&p=16680#post16680

3-27-11, 2:23pm
I setup a special private "smilies" bookmark that I use on my own PC to harvest all the little guys. Love your new thread link! Will be dropping by to add to it.

3-27-11, 2:44pm
LMAO! Somehow I missed the angel smiley you added to your post Gina. What fun he is! Reminds me EXACTLY of my kids when I'd catch them misbehaving out in public and give them the evil eye.

3-27-11, 2:56pm
What fun he is!

It's a 'she'.

With very short hair. :laff:

3-27-11, 10:00pm
http://www.forumsextreme.com/images/sEm_oops.gif Well shame on me. :) You're right Gina, I don't know how I missed her feminine qualities and side. :laff:

2-10-12, 11:40am
Came across this thread this morning, and thought I'd resurrect it. Have really missed your presence on the boards, Gina.