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iris lily
3-27-11, 11:57am
I made a vow some months ago that free t-shirts would not be entering our house.
Am tired of them, they are usually white and of thin material and are useless.

What is the DEAL with America's obsession with free t-shirts? Am really tired of the way they are invading my house.

3-27-11, 12:29pm
It may have to do with your choice of activities. I don't think I've had more than 2-3 free t-shirts come into my possession in the last decade.

I have bought a few over that time,t hough.

3-27-11, 12:40pm
Where are your free t-shirts coming from?
What used to drive me crazy was all the shirts my kids had to buy during their school years. They even had to get special ones to march in our little town's 4th of July parade. I have tons of their sports and music t-shirts with their names on the back. Some of them even have all the kids' full names in the sport or event on the back. What am I supposed to do with those? Its just like all the cheap trophies that are handed out for everything. Such a waste of money and resources.

3-27-11, 4:47pm
I actually really like the free t-shirts DH gets from various conferences and such, because they usually are white and he can wear them under his long-sleeved woven shirts. The fabric is much thicker than standard men's plain white undershirts and they last a lot longer without looking ratty (those undershirts tend to get worn-looking at the neckline which is often visible even as an undershirt).

iris lily
3-27-11, 5:57pm
I am getting no sympathy here, none at all! You people is MEAN

ha ha, just kidding. Send me your address, I'll mail these stooopid T-shirts to those who want them.

Here's my deal on t-shirts: I don't like them EXCEPT for gardening. So, they must be loose and they must be black. Any other color shows stains. We end up with 3 -5 free ones each year. Just within the past month we've ended up with three T-shirts: two as gifts from friends who went on vacation, one last night as a door prize from trivia night.

All are a waste of resources.

3-27-11, 6:58pm
Can you leave them out on your porch, and someone will steal them? :)

3-27-11, 7:29pm
Thrift shop? The animal shelter might like to have them.

3-27-11, 7:29pm
Can you leave them out on your porch, and someone will steal them? :)

hee hee, good one :)

iris, i do have sympathy for you. a few years ago i noticed that i had so many t-shirts that were fugly and which i never wore. so i went through them and saved only the 3 or 4 good ones and got rid of the rest. somehow i haven't collected any more either. i think maybe because i'm no longer in corporate america. i swear, working for the publisher in NYC there were t-shirts for conferences, for trainings, for charity walks. i know this started out of a desire to give attendees a memento, but at this point, it's too much. the fact that t-shirts are so cheap to produce that they become this disposable is kind of a crime.

3-27-11, 8:20pm
What I really hate are the free bags that DH gets every year at a large conference he attends. Out of about 8 years, in two years he's received ones that we can actually use, and the rest I've had to donate in hopes that someone might not mind the name and location of the conference printed on the side. If they would stop printing on the bags, then they would be more useful. We have enough bags and it bugs me that stuff is so cheap to make and give out that we get these bags every year.

3-27-11, 8:59pm
Same here Rosemary! I had reservations giving this canvas bag with big letters on it "International Shock Society" on it, to the Caring Center. We also had ones with big letters of the names of drugs on them too. Why do they do that? I guess they hand those out so that the people who go to these meetings have something to carry all the other junk they've received at the meetings. I just wish they left the outside of the bags blank.

3-27-11, 9:28pm
My husband now buys his polo shirts and Tshirts at our local thrift or at garage sales. He has always been weird and loves odd advertising. First it was pocket protectors when he had to wear the corporate shirts. Then it was advertising on the shirt itself. He would wear his Microsoft shirt whenever the competitor was visiting and choose another one when the Microsoft vendor was coming.

He even has a leather and wool Steak and Shake coat with a huge logo on the back. He was impressed he got it in new condition for $10. I think he should wear it to a local Steak and Shake restaurant and see what happens.

My problem with tshirts just handed out is that they are usually the wrong size. I like a large and soft shirt.

3-27-11, 10:28pm
Wrap zucchinis in them this August. Leave them on doorsteps. Bingo!

Float On
3-27-11, 11:14pm
Wrap zucchinis in them this August. Leave them on doorsteps. Bingo! LOVE IT! (course should the T-shirt be sewn into a bag first???)

Our freebie T-shirts come from art shows we do so they are usually white but the image is pretty artistic. Between my husband and 2 teen sons they get worn out quickly and then they go in the rag box.

iris lily
3-28-11, 1:46am
What I really hate are the free bags that DH gets every year at a large conference he attends....

yep, I've started thread about the bag obsession, too. I'm sick of that as well.STupd things breed like T-Shirts.

3-29-11, 9:01am
I get these shirts and bags occasionally and donate most of them. I usually keep one t-shirt for use when coloring my hair, and some for exercising in until they wear out. The bags we use for grocery shopping (if they're strong enough), and keep a few handy for odd reasons--they are handy for putting around covered casseroles you have to take to a potluck, for example, or can be useful as shipping material, or for organizing various bits and pieces you may need for a day's journey with multiple errands.