View Full Version : hi from snowy buffalo!

2-4-15, 7:33pm
Im new here, although I love your forum and have been lurking for a few days lol! I love sharing ideas with other minimalists, since its not too common to be minimalist in this area. Right now im still working on having only what I love and use...have 213 shared items (dh and I) and 130 clothing items...but believe it or not, im still not there! Shopping in freezing snowy weather is a big temptation because I hate the cold and moving/travelling away from it is not an option right not. Soooo...I tend to buy things, hate them because id rather have space, give too much away, and the cycle begins again! Clothes are not my weakness...furniture, art and home decor is! Anyone else struggle with this? Well, that said, looking forward to meeting you all! Stay warm!

2-4-15, 8:07pm
Welcome, Sue. It is very snowy but some fluctuations temps today for a change. What would be some alternatives to recreational shopping, I wonder, to help you.

2-4-15, 11:49pm
Welcome, Sue! Looking forward to hearing about your minimalist quest!

2-8-15, 5:24pm
Welcome aboard! Yes, that cycle can be tyrannical. You undoubtedly will find some helpful resources here.

2-8-15, 5:45pm
Well, outdoor stuff would be fine in the snow but it has been in single digits...Im not a big party person, so a few drinks with friends is an occasional thing. We dont really have a coffeehouse culture here except downtown, and I am more south of the city. I read like crazy on my kindle, enjoy family time with my kids and baby grandson when I visit (often, lol), and I play some games here and there. But, in the warm weather, there is boating, walking, biking, etc. Right now I dont get a lot of time off from work, but Im definitely hoping to travel in the future, and Im trying to set up for that with minimalism, saving money, etc. I love to read all your posts for their great ideas and fellowship! I read YMOYL a long time ago and have been implementing a lot of it for years. Its great to find like-minded people!

2-8-15, 11:57pm
Hi Sue, glad you are joining in on the conversations here. Sounds like you are a summer person and love all of the outdoor activities it brings, but with winter you sound like the only thing you enjoy is your shopping for the home. Have you ever you ever thought of taking up a cheaper winter indoor hobby that you would feel engrossed in? I used to do quilting during the winter and plan on it with sewing some clothing. In the summer I stop...maybe something like this would help? Christine

2-15-15, 12:28am
Well, I am hoping in the next few years to do some travelling and/ or outings in the winter. Its just really hard to do that now this year because my first grandson is a baby so cant yet take him out and about for long periods of time...I dont want to go far away during the baby years because this is such a precious time! Also, my 93 yr old mother lives with me and dh so I cant go far from home for that reason also. Im not into crafting at all, but I think this is a just a season of life that has me close to home and im grateful for it in many ways. Its nice to talk to all of you, though...I love to follow your challenges and interests 😊

Chicken lady
2-15-15, 8:37pm
take some "armchair trips" get online and plan for where you want to go when you're ready. It will give you savings goals and a headstart for later.

2-16-15, 1:20am
When I read historical fiction or science fiction, it's as if I've been there. Reading is my escape, therapy, entertainment, and traveling many times when I don't want to actually spend money on the real thing.

2-16-15, 10:58am
Welcome, Sue! Another thing you could look at is by going to volunteermatch.org and see if there are any online volunteer opportunities available in an area or cause you're interested in. Or there are a million free classes available online like through Coursera.org, Khan Academy, PEOI, SchoolYourself, etc. One thing I've done for years when I'm bored is to read lots of blogs about how to start my own online business. Haven't gotten there yet, though! Anyway, welcome again and stay warm and dry!