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4-13-15, 5:12pm
We have a thread about kindness we have done to others but have to share a kindness done to us.

MIL passed away a few weeks ago and we have some financial questions and decisions to make. Needless to say, we are not versed in inheritance laws and taxes or, for that matter, who to actually contact to find out about these things. First, contacted a fee-based financial planner we have talked to in the past. He was so KIND and gave very good advice and suggested we contact a CPA rather than a tax attorney (who we thought we would need to contact). He spent quite a bit of time on the phone with us and said if we had any other questions, just to call him. He charged us NOTHING! He is gone this week so plan on making something (cookies or ?) when he gets back as a thank you.

So, today we went to see the CPA. I tried to make everything as easy to see as possible... making an outline of the issues. He spent about a half hour with us and again... we were charged NOTHING! We went to the local chamber and got a gift certificate and gave to him with a thank you card.

I am totally floored by the kindness extended by these two individuals. They truly made a difference in our lives during this difficult time.

4-13-15, 10:25pm
I have found that most people are extremely kind. When DH passed on, I was told to expect to be showered with blessings and have been by strangers and friends alike beyond my imagination. I try to pass it along whenever possible. Makes life a joy when working through challenges. Nice thread.

4-13-15, 10:48pm
Well, this kindness didn't happen to me, but I just learned something that my SIL did that floored me. Apparently at one point she was offered a promotion. But the person whose place she would take was still sitting there in that job--and about to fired. My SIL refused to take her coworker's job--and she was ultimately fired instead.

Maybe some would say that was foolish--the woman was going to be fired anyway, but it's just an example of how big my SIL's heart is.

Float On
4-13-15, 11:58pm
One time my husband ran into an old friend at a tire shop. DH was there to get prices on tires. The friend was getting tires. DH came back the next day to get the tires put on and was told at the counter that they had been paid for! Pretty amazing for just running into an old friend. We sent them one of our vases with a huge bouquet of flowers as a thanks. They are just that kind of people.