View Full Version : Coins - what to do with them?

5-24-15, 7:02pm
Somehow in all of the various family estates that have happened through the years, I ended up with a medium size box of coins of all types - silver dollars and various US coins since the 1880s. I don't have a clue as to what to do with them other than sell for $$ since I don't really want to lug them around to the next house. Any coin collectors here that can advise? I imagine all together they are only worth about $1000 but don't really know other than what I find on the internet.

5-24-15, 11:19pm
I just took ours to a coin dealer and turned them in. You might be surprised at how much they are worth.

5-25-15, 5:38am
While you are at the coin dealer, you can also put in any gold or silver jewelry that you might have that you don't need/want and get cash for them based on the metal weight. I had a collection of really old gold-rimmed eyeglasses (made with 24K gold) I used as an art piece and they fetched quite a bit of money for their gold weight. My neighbor had a precious metals "party" and I got rid of a number of things there for cash (a few coins and some jewelry).

Zoe Girl
5-25-15, 10:06am
there is some coin lover who will go to the coin dealer and value them so i agree a reputable coin dealer is a great way to go. much easier than trying to navigate selling them yourself.

if you want to value the family who gave you the coins you could make a donation somewhere or a small display of photos and a few coins.