View Full Version : FREEDOM! One Year Anniversary of FI!

6-1-15, 1:53pm
Checking in folks, today is the one year anniversary of our being FI and retired.

What I have been surprised by:
1) How busy and how NOT bored we are.
2) That we are constantly learning more, accessing brand new (to us), and improving, old frugality skills.
3) How much room there actually is, in a budget, to save even more, with a little extra searching, digging, and practising.
4) How little desire we have to work for cash again.
5) How many people (in particular, young people) really don't "get it".
6) How enjoyable it is to do work of one's own choosing, and not have to worry about working for cash.
7) How satisfied I am to have more time at home, and to make my own choices about when to leave the house.
8) I love waking up and going to bed with the sun; no artificial lights needed!
9) There still is never enough time to do all the reading I want to do.
10) How much I enjoy the challenge of trying to get away with spending less and less money in some categories, and yet being able to splurge on travel and other experiences.

Anyway...it was a very successful year. We made one cross continent trip for a week's vacation, and stayed within our budget in all categories. The only change we have decided to make for the next year's budget, is to decrease the food budget by a $120, and put $120 more into the yearly clothes budget. That will mean we will be able to spend $240 this next fiscal year on clothes. We were within our clothing budget for clothes, but it was tight since we bought some clothing we wanted but did not really "need". This additional money in that category will give us a little more wiggle room. Our expenditures on food were well within the budget and I forecast this category getting even better next year.
Another area I am thinking about cutting entirely is weekend newspaper delivery. It costs about $136 a year. I am not convinced it is still worth it. I use very few coupons any more, since the expiration dates are much shorter than they used to be. I also am using much less processed food, and ANOTHER super cheap chain opened up close to us. The various store ads, I can access online, or just bike or walk to the stores to get a hard copy.
Our health care may be an issue, because of the lawsuit going on with states VS the feds, but that is a wait and see thing...will deal with that when whatever happens, happens.

Since today is our "New Year", my New Year's Resolutions are:
1) Bike and walk more, use car less
2) Declutter more
3) Eat less
4) Learn some basic bike repair/maintenance
5) Work on organizing my time better to accomplish more in relation to other goals

I'll check back in in a year, just in case anyone is interested!

iris lilies
6-1-15, 2:35pm
Bravo!!! Great report.

6-2-15, 10:27am
Kudos! Great to see an update.

6-2-15, 11:42am
Congratulations! Your life is your own! That's wonderful!

6-2-15, 3:11pm
Sounds wonderful. ..glad it has been a great adventure!

Teacher Terry
6-2-15, 3:20pm
Glad you are enjoying yourself. I think everyone needs to find what suits them in retirement. WE are doing more traveling too. Right now on a month trip in our Rv. In Oct a 13 day cruise leaving from boston & ending in Tampa. We are going to explore Boston for 4 days prior & Tampa 2 days after. Then May,2016 off to Hawaii for a week with the son & DIL & her folks. I intend to travel while my hubby & I are both in good health & can enjoy it.

6-2-15, 11:54pm
Great idea Teacher Terry, to travel while you can. Your trips sound fabulous!