View Full Version : Forum Financial Update - June 2015

6-1-15, 9:05pm
FYI, the hosting expense for June through November came due and was paid today. That 6 month hosting expense was $188.73
Our PayPal account consisted of $166.00 in donations leaving us a small negative balance after payment.

The next expenses come due on December 1st. This will include another 6 month hosting expense of roughly $189, plus annual domain registration and DNS service expense of approximately $40.

6-1-15, 9:17pm
Thanks for the update. I know that my donation is due and will be paid.

Float On
6-2-15, 7:46am
Thanks for the update. I made a little donation today.

6-2-15, 9:28am

8-1-15, 7:39pm
I just tried to make a donation. For some reason, Paypal isn't accepting my debit card information. It says it can't process it. (I don't know if this is because it's a Saturday, and it's a new account.)

I used to mail in my donation by check? Is it possible to still do that? If so, what is the address? Thanks...