View Full Version : 3000 bathtubs!

4-1-11, 11:57am
At long last, we are moving ahead with a bathroom model as the tub just might fall through the floor one of these days. I thought it would be a simple affair but online perusing reveals there can be 3000 and more choices for a bathtub. Vanities even more. I cannot deal with this much choice even though I have a good idea of what I want. And then there are the faucets, the tile. How in the world can there be 3000 bathtub styles and more importantly, why?

4-1-11, 12:42pm
Pinkytoe, we went to the Frank Webb bath center and talked with the showroom director and asked her opinion about what constituted a good tub at a reasonable price and she helped us pick one out. Surprisingly people with lots of $$ buy what they like without asking any input from her-we saved some $, bought a good tub and are happy.

4-1-11, 12:47pm
After remodeling two homes (the last one 3 years ago), I can no longer choose anything that has to do with decorating. Not sure if its the amount of choices or what. DH just started redoing our half bath. I didn't really care about redoing it, but the toilet broke, the facets were dripping water without being noticed, the old floor started cracking and one thing led to another and it turned into a total gut. DH picked out everything and I'm fine with it.

Anyway, good luck in choosing that bath tub!

4-1-11, 1:05pm
We are in the midst of a bathroom redo down to the studs. I did a lot of online research and narrowed the choice of a tub by material, price and size. It can be overwhelming. Finally just made the decision. So far we've spent twice as much as budgeted and have run into things we'd never thought of being part of a remodel. I've no idea why there are 3000 bathtub styles out there but for us price ruled out 2990 of them.