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4-6-11, 3:18am
I put out the word last week that I am interested in pursuing an executive director position, after several years as a development director, and got an immediate response with a very compelling position, so I sent off all the stuff. I have a few years as an ED as well. Today, I got an email that I have a first interview! I am quite pleased.

I'm in no hurry to get other work to augment my current half time position, and not yet ready to leave my current position as I would like to make it work. However, it's very gratifying to get an interview with the first thing I send feelers out for.

Just had to share... interview is mid-month, by phone, as it's a national organization. I hope it feels good - I really like their mission.

4-6-11, 5:36am

4-6-11, 6:54am
Score! Hope it is a great experience whether or not it turns into a job.


Float On
4-6-11, 7:09am

4-6-11, 9:17am
Awesome! :-)

Zoe Girl
4-6-11, 10:20am
Awesome! What I have learned over the years is if it is a good fit in many ways but you didn't think you wanted it then jump on it. A great opportunity to even just interview can lead to all sorts of things, including clarifying what you want.

4-7-11, 6:32pm
Great news, and sending good luck vibes your way!

4-7-11, 6:46pm
Good luck!

4-7-11, 7:37pm
Good luck!

5-10-11, 9:50pm
Thanks... the interview was okay; I got an email that I didn't make it to the last round, and adjusted to that. Then, I got another email saying that they had decided to include me in the last round after all - I think they lost a candidate & I was third on the list of six. The runner-up, so to speak.

I'm happy about this! It involves some travel that I have to pay for, but will be fun. So, next month, the final interviews with the Board & staff. Very cool. Bonus: they know I have another half time job, and would be staying with that, at least for now.

Float On
5-10-11, 11:13pm
Congrats on making it to the next round of interviews!

5-11-11, 3:43am
Great news and I am betting on you!

5-11-11, 11:24am
Wow, that is totally awesome! Congratulations and good luck. You must have some pretty awesome qualifications!

5-11-11, 12:26pm
Yay! :-) Keep us posted!

5-11-11, 5:43pm
Very good news! Choices are always good.