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Zoe Girl
4-6-11, 10:47am
Okay I am just feeling good about work and feeling more confident in not running around looking for something that pays more. It helps that in my personal life I may be making some changes that will reduce the financial stress as well (boyfriend and I are continuing to do some trial living together to see how it goes considering us and kids and the pets of course!)

So I had a staff member quit so I am doing a lot more subbing at sites, also I got a new supervisor. I kinda liked not having a supervisor but I think i really like this woman. I took her out to my site yesterday to meet and see how the program runs and we got a little time to talk. We agree on some things we would like to change and are not sure if our grant requires these programs however. The big thing we agree on is not coming in as new people and steamrolling over established staff and programs in the middle of the year. I feel very good about that.

Then I had a compliment. My floater (she subs at all the schools and worked with the previous managers) said that she used to see the staff get scared when the previous managers would come out to the sites. I know the one lady was well liked but very forcefull. She said that the staff was not scared of me and that was good. I even got a hug one day from my only male staff member and I had turned him down for a leave of absence.

Okay had to share

4-7-11, 4:17pm
Gotta love those high points on the rollercoaster