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10-19-15, 8:07pm
I will be bringing my old samsung phone with me to new zealand as a tablet for reading, games, email, maps etc. It will not be able to access cell service but will be able to use wifi. Does anyone know if there is a free APP for android to use a tablet as a phone that works internationally? I don't know Google Voice - does that work internationally? What I mean is an app that will let me make local calls in new zealand, the republic wireless phone will let me call the US from anywhere in the world, but it won't dial out to anywhere else. I have found an app that requires a paid phone card that will do this, which is good, but of course free would be better. :~)

10-21-15, 5:02am
I don't know of such an app to make free local calls out of this country.

10-23-15, 4:03pm
Just wanted to pass on, I downloaded an app called Easycall. I purchased minutes and can now make calls to anywhere, from anywhere, over wifi on my very nice phone (verizon) that was formerly useless without a verizon plan. Maybe these kinds of setups are not news to anyone else, but I didn't realize I could do this. Not the "free" I was hoping for, but this is useful, it also means I can use the phone as a phone again for calls within the US (on wifi). I will have to check out google voice, too.

ETA: Easycall is an app based out of New Zealand, so local calls there are .05 per minute, while local calls within the US are .13 per minute, so I will still be using my Republic Wireless phone in the US, but it's a nice back up.

10-23-15, 4:20pm
That's very good to know. Does it not work on your Republic Wireless phone?

10-25-15, 5:47am
Google voice international rates.