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4-8-11, 10:41am
Anyone know where the best place is to buy a cheap demestic phone card?

I hate the one's that expire quick. I almost just want to go buy a $10 one even if it is more per minute because a $20 plus one will just make me talk more.

4-9-11, 5:20pm
A friend alerted me to the following site a few years ago & I've been very happy with it:
www.telephone-card.pushline.com. I go to "Best rate" U.S. to U.S. and have chosen STAR CALL. There are many other choices, for $10 or $20 cards, & some without expirations. It's worth exploring. I use this for all my long distance calls (within the U.S. & Canada).

4-9-11, 10:14pm
I have been using Onesuite for several years at my business (DH can't bear the inconvenience at home). It's 2.5 cents per minute, you may want to check expiration, but to me they seem to last a very long time. I think I learned about it on this site. www.onesuite.com

4-19-11, 1:33pm
Verizon 700 Minute Prepaid Long Distance Phone Card