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4-9-11, 12:29pm
I volunteer for a charity called VIND (Volusia Interfaiths/Agencies Networking in Disaster - www.floridavind.info (http://www.floridavind.info)). We connect low income homeowners whose homes are damaged in storms, with grant money and volunteers to repair their homes.

Somehow all this year+ that I've worked there no one mentioned we are signed up with www.goodsearch.com (http://www.goodsearch.com), which I had also never heard of. It is an advertising-supported search site (and shopping site) which shares a bit of its revenues with the charities that sign up with it.

Roughly a penny a search, and a small percentage of shopping money spent through its goodshop page.

I mention this in part because maybe a charity you care about is on there and you'd like to help them by using goodsearch when you were going to search for something anyway. And partly in case anybody wants to help VIND. The first time you go to the site it asks "Who do you goodsearch for?" If you type in VIND (or whoever your charity is) and click Verify, any searches you make from their site will benefit that charity.

There's a link at the top, Participating NonProfits, where you can see if your favorite charities are using goodsearch/goodshop.

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