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11-21-15, 9:15am
And I am in a pretty darn happy place..no matter what has happened!!!

We have enough and that actually means having less than we did, even just a few months or years ago and it's quite enjoyable.

This weekend, we are putting up our Christmas decorations, as my hubby has to work all week for the Holiday. Going to keep it simple, turn on some music and drink some cocoa in my flip flops. :laff:

I could not sleep last night, so I went outside and sat with the dogs for some time. It was so peaceful. I came in, lit a candle and did a little reorganizing of my college folders, since I had the time and we are off for the week. I looked around and noticed how calm and simple my home is and was filled with gratitude. Enough came to mind and I thought of this forum and the people and postings on here.

Being at ease, having that peace and just living has been the greatest gift I could receive this season, after all the heck and ups and downs of the past 2 years. Enough...such a simple word with major impact.

11-21-15, 10:05am

Happy for you.. lovely place to be!

11-21-15, 10:59am
flip flops... wow that sounds nice.... just got hit with a snowstorm.

11-21-15, 11:03am
Frugal One- it's Texas. We are getting our first freeze on Monday morning. I am sure I will be upgrading to boots and socks by then. :)

Teacher Terry
11-21-15, 2:05pm
Sounds really nice!

11-21-15, 5:54pm
I'm so glad you are in this peaceful place.
The stars were amazing here last, too (though I was in a parka and boots :)

11-21-15, 6:57pm
Enough is a wonderful word and feeling, so enjoy it.

11-21-15, 8:25pm
Enough is a wonderful word and feeling, so enjoy it.


11-21-15, 8:50pm

11-28-15, 6:23pm
Wow sounds wonderful especially the flip flops!!! What all holidays should be like!

11-29-15, 12:07am
Christmas was always stressful growing up and DH always complained about drama and tears he had to watch my MIL miss her roots and family in the old country. Our holidays now are pretty casual and laid back, but last years were literally Jerry Springer material regarding my MILs longtime friend suffering from depression called my FIL while driving home for Christmas about how my MIL cheated with her husband.Obviously it wasnt true as 2 weeks later she confessed to lying but the tears and screams.We drove all the way from Illinois to Florida for this, meanwhile my parents lived 2 hours away their dog was dying at our feet from cancer and the vet wasnt able to euthanise her until next morning, so we went from drama Chjristmas eve to dying dog Christmas day. It was a drama disaster. I completely realized that we are better off at our home, relatively in control if the festive atmosphere.Visiting family for Christmas we are cured. New Years Eve was part 2 of my inlaws arguing about the allegations etc. So yes, no tears no longing for extended family. Got it all here and now we are doing Skype.I got over the nostalgia part. Time to enjoy new traditions.I agree with your sense of gratitude TxZen and keeping it simple.Thank you for starting this great topic.

12-1-15, 3:15pm
Sweet post, TxZen. Glad to hear.

sylvia, sorry you had to deal with that crap with the in-laws, but how great it is to come home after a trip like that!

12-3-15, 12:42pm
Oh yea it was crazy and disappointing and then I found out I was pregnant at 39. Top that one!

12-4-15, 9:47pm
Just kicked off the Christmas season official in our town with the tree lighting ceremony. My middle son loves Christmas so we spend extra time and care writing thank you cards to the troops. I want to instill courtesy and sensitivity for others especially those who wont be here to celebrate.Next year maybe I could introduce volunteering at the soup kitchen.We now have a little baby again in the family and we can again celebrate with the little guy as our older boys shift away from pictures with Santa.We will be celbrating at home and it may be hard not focusing on past Christmases but this one will be a real special one.

12-4-15, 9:57pm
We will be celbrating at home and it may be hard not focusing on past Christmases but this one will be a real special one.

this is good to hear

12-11-15, 12:48pm
Looks like inlaws decided to come for Christmas, but the great news is house is clutter free no crazy crammed decorations so we should all fit into our 1100 sq ft home with now four adults ,2 teenagers and a baby.

Teacher Terry
12-11-15, 1:59pm
Have a great time:)) When my inlaws used to visit we would give them our bedroom & sleep in the kids beds which meant 2 out of 3 had to sleep on floor & sleeping bags. The kids never minded & we all had a great time. Treasure the time because someday they will be gone. I am of course assuming you have nice inlaws.

12-11-15, 3:08pm
Im very fortunate to have great inlaws and they have been more dependable and generous than my own parents they make up for it.

1-2-16, 1:09am
This Christmas was special, with baby and my inlaws visiting. They are in turmoil and regret that they moved out of state. This contrasted the peace and stability myself and dh felt. I really applied minimalist stratergies this year. Just a few nice decorations and donated those I didnt need down to 3 bins only. Bought a few nice practical gifts for everyone, baby cooperated with taking extra long naps. I'm going to build on that for next year by writing some notes and a decent timeline of when to get started with cards and etc.As for inlaws I promised to stay neutral and not give out bad advice, just positive thoughts like, you;ll figure out what to do.

Teacher Terry
1-2-16, 3:37pm
I don't see where the inlaw's mistake is irreversible. Yes it may be expensive but they should move back if they want to. I am assuming of course that they are retired.

1-3-16, 2:01am
No not yet just impulsive and always creating a crisis for themselves.It would take alot of money to move back, one wants to stay and one wants to go.

1-19-16, 9:44pm
I realised its best not to get involved or give unsolicited advice. They my inlaws like to be in a state of constant crisis. If things are good they find a way to stir the pot.