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Zoe Girl
11-25-15, 3:05pm
Here are one of those issues that comes up living in a small space. My parents are driving out and bringing all the Christmas gifts for everyone (me and my 3 kids and something for each of their SO's). Even with great self control it is a lot. I have actually been able to get better at managing this annual tradition and my mom has gotten better at managing her buying. When my girls were very little we lived in another small apartment and my mom sent so much that I actually cried when I got all the boxes. I simply didn't have room for all of it!

So we were just talking as they drive out and she said that everything is in large black trash bags, maybe I can put them in the corner of my bedroom. I am probably super picky but I can't handle the thought of a stack of black trash bags in my room, I really do not have that space and the vibe of my space is important. But of course this is all great stuff, she listens to what we want (and I wanted a new towel set), and she is a kind generous person. I almost want to have a bigger space to make this easier.

11-25-15, 3:11pm
Unpack the bags and stack up the pretty boxes and gift bags in a corner of the living or dining area. String some lights on them. Enjoy and know they will be gone after Xmas. Then you can toss anything you do not want or pawn it off on the offspring. Temporary and an easily solved problem. Train yourself to enjoy the temporary nature of the holiday season. Thankfully, it will be over unlike the political campaigns and the job and the stress of everyday life.

Zoe Girl
11-25-15, 4:43pm
Good idea! It will look a lot prettier than trash bags.

I just got my brother's gift to send back with my parents, mugs, Christmas ornaments and lot of hot chocolate things. Since their house burned down just under 3 years ago I try to give them some ornaments every year.

11-25-15, 10:38pm
Good idea! It will look a lot prettier than trash bags.

Since their house burned down just under 3 years ago I try to give them some ornaments every year.

this is a thoughtful idea

Zoe Girl
11-25-15, 11:35pm
Can I say that my mom was super sweet, She actually said that she knows lots of stuff in my house stresses me out. It was very nice to have that understanding that I am not trying to be an ungrateful person, but I have a little OCD-ish glitch around stuff. We went out for dinner and I drove so they could have drinks.

Teacher Terry
11-26-15, 11:51am
Enjoy your Mom for one day you will be wishing she was messing up your home:~). It's easy to get wrapped up in stuff that bugs us but in the big scheme of things it doesn't matter. However, none of us is immune from worrying about silly stuff. I have some OCD issues around some stuff so I do understand. Hugs

11-26-15, 12:14pm
In laws parents, used to buy all year for the grandkids. Black trashbags galore, and by the time Christmas rolled around, some of the clothes that were bought, wouldn't fit, or would never had fit to begin with (they were addicted to shopping).

That all changed after they left the light on in the "Christmas closet" and bag or bags fell onto it and the closet started on fire.