View Full Version : Need crafty ideas how to pass on unwanted Christmas decos as gifts ?

11-28-15, 11:15pm
I am passing on and regifting alot of my unwanted and unused Christmas decorations. Any ideas on how to put together a little something presentable? I have extra canning jars maybe some tea with cookies? Bake some cookies in a tin? Anything practical without having to buy things. I have unwanted Christmas tree ornaments, figurines, decorative pillows. I can bake some cookies, I have a few empty baskets etc.I just need ideas to tastefully put it together. I would appreciate any ideas. I will give them to neighbors (nothing too much just neighborly)Some to my boy's teachers, our doctors and dentist. Thanks

11-29-15, 5:56am
Think of a theme, whether color like blue or design like Gingerbread men, and group items around it. Add some cookies and ribbon and a present is created. Actually good cookies are the present and the rest is packaging but this is a good thing.

At the local craft fair, all kinds of items were decorated like this and sold. Christmas balls can be grouped on an inexpensive wreath or tied to a basket or glued to a box or bag. They dont have to cover it just be asymetrically arranged in a cluster with a ribbon. The key is a grouping.

It is also nice to donate to a local nursing home for use as presents or decorations. Mom likes these types of things for their "birthday" club and bingo prizes.

www.pinterest.com will give you more ideas than you would ever need.

Miss Cellane
11-29-15, 7:35am
Nice home-baked cookies in a canning jar with an ornament attached to the lid or tied around the jar. Maybe a bit of red or green ribbon around the sides of the lid. Done.

Depending on the ages of your kids, have them decorate small brown paper bags, like lunch bags, in a holiday theme. Add cookies, then tie with ribbon or red string and an ornament.

Holiday decorations sell like hotcakes at Goodwill and the Salvation Army, so donating what you can't use as gifts is a possibility.