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12-1-15, 3:23pm
I realized that we reached a new milestone recently. Even if we don't put anything else into retirement savings/investments, DH and I should both be able to retire (reach FI) within 10 years. 13 on the outside. And knowing us, we will put more into retirement, so we'll reach it sooner or have a more comfortable retirement. I'm 41 and he's 51. He flips between saying he'd like to quit in 5-10 years and saying he'll work until he drops dead, and I like what I do well enough to keep doing it at least part-time for a long time. But this is a milestone.

It's not FI right now. But it gives me new freedom now, while the kids are still young (8, 6, & 4). I've always wanted to take them on a long trip over the summer, and they've always been in a local summer camp/daycare, with me taking them on trips to see family about once a year. But I'm now actively playing with the idea of taking several weeks off (in a row!) this summer to take them somewhere else--maybe to visit DH's family in Hawai'i. Summer camp on the cheap here cost me $5000 last year for 10 weeks. So I'm thinking I can some of that and do something else for 3 weeks or so, even without earning more. We'll see. But it's nice to think about at least.

Float On
12-1-15, 4:24pm
You've done great!
I love the idea of doing something now in a big way with your kids. They will love it and appreciate it!

12-1-15, 7:44pm
Good work!

12-1-15, 7:52pm
well done, congrats

12-1-15, 7:56pm
Very nice! What a great feeling that must be!

12-3-15, 2:47pm
That's great!!I share in your excitement!

12-3-15, 6:24pm

iris lilies
12-3-15, 6:56pm
I'm so glad to hear this!

Teacher Terry
12-3-15, 8:06pm
I would definitely do something fun with the kids! So happy for you.

12-3-15, 10:13pm
Thanks for the encouragement, everyone!