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Zoe Girl
4-11-11, 10:31am
Okay I am NOT happy. I got a nook as a gift and I really love it. I have bought a few books and it has been so easy to use. So last night I was feeling sick and went to download a book to read while feeling like crap and it said there was a problem with payment. My account has the $7 in it for the book, no problem. I called today and since I used a debit card instead of a credit card it could not verify and cancelled the transaction. I kept talking to the guy and he said they HAD TO have a credit card on file. It is not like I am holding a hotel room or renting a car! I am buying a $7 book which I have done before. I asked if I could buy a gift card on line or at a store with my debit card and he said no. He did suggest I delete my card information and re-enter it but that still is not working.

I understand not having a credit card will cause some issues and I won't be able to do everything, I accept that. However this is nuts that I cannot buy a book when the whole reason I have the nook is so I can get a wider variety of books and not go into the book store when it is closed or I am sick. I will have to call or more likely e-mail back because now I have to get to work.

4-11-11, 11:50am
Is there an option to select "credit or debit" If so, I would try to enter the debit card info again but then select credit. It seems bizarre that the processing system would even care if it is a debit card or a credit card.

4-11-11, 12:01pm
Wow. That is really inconvenient. I'm wondering if a pre-paid credit card might work? Ugh! I would be annoyed, too.

4-11-11, 12:21pm
I have a pre-paid credit card that I load at wal-mart every so often. It costs me $3.00 every time I add money but I DO NOT WANT A CREDIT CARD, so I do this so I can order online

4-11-11, 5:43pm
I was going to suggest the pre-paid credit card, too! I have been meaning to try one for e-bay since apparently you can get them in pay pal, too.

Zoe Girl
4-11-11, 9:20pm
I am just still cranky, I have a debit card that has worked well for ANYTHING I have wanted to order. I have even rented a hotel room. I got an email that states the same thing. I cannot even walk into a Barnes and Noble and pay cash to get a book, not very happy at all. I will probably call and ask for a manager. When I called a local store they said that I could pay with a debit card and to ask for a manager.

4-13-11, 8:25am
It all stems back to all these companies and the government controlling what we can and cant do with our money. they think that if they make it impossible to buy certain things from certain places a majority of people will break down and just get a credit card so they can charge you the interest and make a killing. I, like I said, opted for the visa prepaid. I do not agree with them charging me $3 for each recharge b/c I may recharge it a few times a month. I get paid every week so I dont ever have loads of cash at one time to add to my account. But if you do get one of these cards read the fine print. they also charge a monthly fee, which is minimal, and they will charge you for checking your balance different ways. I always check mine online without a charge.

4-13-11, 9:29am
I do most everything with a credit card, although I treat it as a debit card and do not allow balances to carry over from month to month. I pay no interest and have no monthly fees. We even get cash back several times a year through rewards programs.

4-13-11, 12:56pm
It is not easy closing a credit card account. I am downsizing the number of credit cards I have. I currently have three no balances on any of them. I pay them off monthly. I wanted to close one of them. I called the company and got handed off to three different people who tried to sell me on keeping the card. It took about 10 to 15 min on the phone to get the account closed. I had a credit balance and they were fast on sending me my check.

4-13-11, 5:38pm
Zoe, Amazon allows you to have an account backed with a gift card balance. I know several people who do this for Kindles for kids or elderly relatives. You could buy the gift cards locally (such as at Walgreens) then load on your Nook account with B&N. Would that be possible for this?

Zoe Girl
4-13-11, 11:30pm
I think so Tradd, good idea. I was going to make all the calls to supervisors but honestly I am just tired and want to read a book ( I had dental work this week and am feeling like I need to be pampered). I have actually a Target Visa but I worked out a payment plan when I got my job and don't earn as much as I would like. It has a low enough payment that I never will pay late, but I cannot charge on it. I am thinking about just putting that number in and seeing if if works so I can read tonight. Okay I have the Mother Theresa book which fascinates me and the Ultimate Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, I just really wanted to read Lincoln Lawyer before seeing the movie.

4-14-11, 12:33am
I do most everything with a credit card, although I treat it as a debit card and do not allow balances to carry over from month to month. I pay no interest and have no monthly fees. We even get cash back several times a year through rewards programs.

I also put everything on a credit card. Last year I charged a whopping 48k:-) No interest, no finance charges. I also use a rewards program.

4-14-11, 5:39pm
If your card is a basic debit card, meaning it does not hold a visa or MC logo on it, then you would not be able to use it online or instore. The store is not set up to enter PIN numbers and there is no way to verify a basic debit card online. You may want to look into getting a debit card that does hold the Visa/mc logo. It works just like a debit card in that the money comes directly out of your checking account and can be processed like a credit card and will give you more flexiblity while shopping.