View Full Version : Forum Financial Update - December 2015

12-3-15, 8:17pm
The forums hosting expense for the period of Dec 1st, 2015 through May 31, 2016 has been paid, as well as our domain name expense for the next 2 years.
We have received donations since June 1st in the amount of $428.62
The recent payments made include $188.73 for the next 6 months hosting expense and $34.34 for domain registration.
This leaves a balance of $205.55 to be applied to the next hosting expense coming due in June.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

Teacher Terry
12-4-15, 11:47am
Great! Let us know when you need more $ because it is not fair for you to be paying as we all enjoy the forum:)

12-4-15, 12:50pm
Good news, Alan, and thank you so much for the forum, and keeping it alive for all of us!

Float On
12-4-15, 1:47pm
Thank you!