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12-10-15, 12:56pm
Now that I am on vacation (just graded out three classes this morning, yeah!) I am feeling lots of "finishing" energy and thought it would be fun to post things we are finishing this time of year.

IN addition to the three classes, this week I

-got my new sewing machine up and running (it's been sitting in a box since May) and

-finished hemming a table cloth that I made from an old duvet cover that I bought in 1998. I've been carrying the fabric around for 15 years now, through four houses, unhemmed, and would occasionally use it anyway. It is gorgeous blue plaid Swedish linen, and after 15 years, I finally finished it yesterday, starched and ironed it, and folded it neatly in my table cloth stack.


Any accomplishments of "finishing" energy to share?

12-10-15, 1:32pm
I took advantage of a rare mid-40-degree day in Minnesota to put our lawn furniture away. Much easier to take everything apart when it's not 20 degrees out!

12-10-15, 1:48pm
In the muddle of lots of stuff, but I am on winter break starting tomorrow!
Lots more time to play and train puppy.

BTW, I couldn't get the emoticons to work on this post. Anyone else have a problem with this?

12-10-15, 2:04pm
In the muddle of lots of stuff, but I am on winter break starting tomorrow!
Lots more time to play and train puppy.

BTW, I couldn't get the emoticons to work on this post. Anyone else have a problem with this?

Sorry, I don't really use them, so I am not sure why that would be. So great your winter break begins tomorrow!

Steve, we have warm weather here, too-- 52 degrees, and we are hanging laundry out and washing things just to have pleasure of airing them out.

Chicken lady
12-11-15, 6:43am
I need some "finishing" energy. I need to finish classes next week, I need to finish Christmas shopping, I need to finish glazing the pots from my class by Sunday, I need to finish (and start) decorating, and I really want he carpenters to finish my roof.

If all goes well Saturday we will at least be finihed with concrete. Maybe that will help.

12-11-15, 7:01am
I need some "finishing" energy. I need to finish classes next week, I need to finish Christmas shopping, I need to finish glazing the pots from my class by Sunday, I need to finish (and start) decorating, and I really want he carpenters to finish my roof.

If all goes well Saturday we will at least be finihed with concrete. Maybe that will help.

:) Trying the emoticons, and wishing you lots of finishing energy, Chicken Lady. I bet as soon as you finish the classes, you will start to get more of it. That's what happened with me--I was just working so much, not much else got done.

12-11-15, 10:31am
I need some "finishing" energy. I need to finish classes next week, I need to finish Christmas shopping, I need to finish glazing the pots from my class by Sunday, I need to finish (and start) decorating, and I really want he carpenters to finish my roof.

If all goes well Saturday we will at least be finihed with concrete. Maybe that will help.

I'm with you. I need to finish before Christmas:
…a big report
…a smaller report*
…a discussion guide
…30 60-minute interviews
…decorating the house*
…writing cards*

I NEED some finishing energy!!!

*haven't started yet

12-11-15, 1:25pm
Wow, Catherine, is there any way to put any of those off until AFTER Christmas? That is a lot of work. . .

Chicken lady
12-12-15, 7:58am
Apparently the workmen need finishing energy too. No one showed up yesterday and the concrete has been cancelled for today

12-12-15, 8:57am
I wrote and sent my overseas cards two weeks ago (almost 100 of them) and the postagecosts nearly caused a heart attack.

After I've done that marathon, my brain tricks me into believing I've finished, but of course the UK cards need to be done. That's another 50. I honestly have to force myself to complete the task. I've spent this morning writing some. Only another twelve to go!

I 'fed' the Christmas cakes/black bun this morning, but the cakes need to be iced and that will be a task for next weekend, after the final alcoholic feed.

Christmas tree is in the garage, and I will try to get it decorated tomorrow.

12-12-15, 10:04am
Ishbel, my mom always made fruitcake on the weekend after Thanksgiving, and fed it with bourbon (we are from the South.)

That was excellent fruitcake.

Chicken Lady, I am sorry your workmen flaked out on you. I bet that is common this time of year. I find it so stressful to get work done on the house because their behavior is beyond your control.

Completed another tablecloth, bought a new iron, found my "good" wardrobe that I packed up to take to SC, washed it and ironed everything and hung it in the closet.

Took busted laptop into new computer place and they will sort it out--either fix or kill.

Today I will finish darning dh blue jeans and clean off dining room table for good, then reset with Danish candleholder I found in the ongoing declutter process. Will put bay berry candles in the candleholder--essential Christmas decoration--am down to three things--


Swedish electric candle from IKEA

Bayberry candles!

That is plenty for Christmas.

12-13-15, 8:32am
I finished my second jewelry trunk show yesterday, and today I have to run off to a gallery 45 miles away to replenish my display case there, grocery shop because I have NO food in the house, wash my dread locks (an all-day drying affair) AND I am supposed to practice with this band I'm in tonight AND go back to work tomorrow at 6am...I really wish this was all "finished", as I have very little energy right now after a very long and busy two weeks. Something's going to give today, and I am pretty sure it is band practice. I can't do it all...

On the bright side, starting tomorrow for the next couple of weeks all I have to do is go to the day job and have fun getting my minimal efforts for Christmas ready! No large commitments, no jewelry I HAVE to finish; I can just have fun playing around in my studio, play my guitar, see friends, and relax. I just have to get through today and get as much done as I can without overdoing it.

Chicken lady
12-13-15, 9:38am
Today I'm going to "finish" glazing my pots for class - one way or another, because anything not on the cart by 4 doesn't get fired.

12-13-15, 10:39am
Dressed the tree, strung cards on ribbons and posted outgoing cards!

Baked some more mincepies and sausage rolls and put them in the freezer.

Relaxing now!

Zoe Girl
12-13-15, 2:14pm
Hey SiouzQ, how do you wash your dreads? My kids have had them and my son's are really long. My daughter used to soak in apple cider vinegar and then air dry. I think my son just uses Dr. Bronner's on his.

I need to bake to put in my nephews' gift, a Star Wars cookie jar. It may also be purchased cookies and candy actually.

Chicken lady
12-13-15, 5:42pm
Pots done. I actually glazed them all.

12-13-15, 6:36pm
Finished painting the dining table.
2 more bag of stuff from Christmas boxes off to donation.
25 blankets made and dropped off for animal shelter (that tie fuzzy kind)
Donated 4 pieces of old furniture we tried to resurrect- loving all the space I have. :)

Chicken lady
12-13-15, 6:49pm
You made 25 blankets?!

12-13-15, 8:51pm
Ugh, a LONG day, but I got a lot done. I have to let go of my perfectionism and resume dealing with inventory and tracking thereof for another day. I need to allow myself to CHILL OUT!

ZG: regarding dread maintenance. I am not a poster child for it, but when I do wash my hair I just use Wholefoods 365 brand peppermint shampoo and conditioner. Today was the first time I used an apple cider vinegar rinse because my head has been feeling itchy and I don't like the way my hair smells after a while. I need to do some more research on a concoction that will freshen things up (believe me, as far as I know, my head does NOT smell bad to others, unless they are too freaked out to tell me). I don't wash it as much in the winter because it takes so long to dry; I washed my hair 12 hours ago and the locks are still damp...

12-13-15, 11:10pm
This post is great....it made me think when I first read it and realized as of Friday I had 3 days with nothing planned
so no excuses I needed to finish a bunch of stuff....or at least start.
Christmas has been hard since my husband past and now this year my sister...till she got sick 2 years ago she always traveled
to spend 3-4 days with us in the week prior to Christmas (it was a wonderful part of our Christmas) in the last two years I have
gone to visit her.
I was feeling very at loose ends but, knew I still needed to celebrate life for myself, kids and grandchildren.

So in the last three days I...
--put up decorations outside (not a lot but some)
--baked not a lot but some
--put up my little tree and put out all the other lovely things I have
--took out my Christmas dishes (Dsis had given them to me years ago)
--wrapped all my gifts and even offered to do Dd's
--wrote 2 Christmas cards yeah I know that still needs to be finished tomorrow....lol
but, I really only to about 10 so not a big deal.

Feeling very accomplished and good about my life.

12-14-15, 12:48am
Gosh, ya'll had so much finishing energy! Mine seems to have gone where ever Chicken Lady's concrete guys' went... I had none! The only things I did this weekend were attend a 2-hour class Saturday morning, didn't want to go out in the cold and wet, but I'd been looking forward to it, so I made myself go and really enjoyed it. Thought I'd get stuff done in the afternoon, ha! took a nap with the dogs instead! Then went out with daughter and grandsons to celebrate dgs1's 21 birthday. This morning went to church, to lunch with a friend afterwards, did next to nothing this afternoon, evening. Oh well.

12-14-15, 11:13am
I don't know, taking a nap sounds pretty great, and going out with daughter and grandsons--very much part of the finishing energy tradition--living life as it comes, and completing good things.

Danna, you are an inspiration with celebrating life in spite of hard times and losses. That is a wonderful lesson.

Today I am going to work on a long delayed duvet cover. I like this new sewing machine so much it is hard to put it away.

I did order a cover for it so that I actually can put it away, lol. Putting things away is a challenge for me, as is finishing anything. . .

Chicken lady
12-14-15, 11:20am
I finished crushing all the cans that had accumulated in the barn!

Now I need tipo finish making the bed for ds who is coming to visit.

Chicken lady
12-15-15, 12:55pm
Finished getting ready for ds
finished my scout training
next up, finishing all the paperwork that as to be turned in by dec 18.

12-15-15, 7:20pm
Tonight will finish the duvet cover that has been hanging over my head since I bought the sheets at Target. I forgot the duvet was on the dining room table and nearly froze to death last night.

All I need is to cut it to right length and hem it; rest is done.

12-15-15, 8:44pm
Christmas wrapping should be finished tonight. Fortunately, there's not much of it.

12-18-15, 7:46pm
Finished school, 16 days off now, Yipee!!!
Also finished lesson plans for the first 2 weeks of January. Actually, they are pretty ambitious, so things may get moved over into the 3rd week, which is a 4-day week, so I've probably finished 3 weeks worth.
Caught up on all of my grading/recording. So I really have a break from school!
Christmas shopping is almost finished, I need to pick up a Peet's gift card tomorrow then I'm done.
I mostly shopped on Amazon- grandsons all into electronics and games- had it all delivered to daughter's house. She and I will wrap at her house on Monday.

My apartment is clean; they had to come in to install a smoke detector in the bedroom this week so I did a marathon cleanup the other night.

Now to decide if I'm going to do any Christmas decorating here. Going to daughter's for Christmas day, then up to my mom's for a few days after Christmas... hmm, may skip the decorating here. Did a stellar job of thinning out the decorations last year, so I'm not motivated by that idea, either...

Chicken lady
12-18-15, 7:58pm
I finished my paperwork and my last week of class.

12-19-15, 10:55am
So great to read all these "finished" things.

Moved chair from shed into spare bedroom; will move dresser today and complete the Kondo closet project, as will move off season clothes into drawers, folded, per her suggestion. I thought, why not, everything else she suggested has actually felt really good, even if it seems a little controlling and weird at first.

When dresser is in there, can find my extremely cool mid century modern little beanpot lamp and put it on the dresser. The mid century modern office chair from SC looks great in there.

Am pulling the threads of my life together and it feels great-- possession consciousness, I guess.

12-19-15, 11:00am
Geez, rodeo, you're wearing me out reading your posts! Hand-made duvet cover? Clothes all Kondo'ed? I'm still feeling "in the weeds" but I'm seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. I have 2 more interviews, I'll be done with the report Monday, and I'll have the house decorated for the kids coming down by Sunday night. Then it's just a good deep clean and food shopping and wrapping and just a little more shopping. That's good for me--I'm usually a VERY last-minute shopper and I'm about 75% done now.

12-19-15, 11:10am
Catherine, I am actually not getting much done at all--it's just that being on vacation and going part time at work means hours hours of non-work time freed up per day,, and I am enjoying lazing around and finishing stuff I have neglected for 5 years at this job.

Now you, on other hand--I'm impressed as it sounds like you are doing amazing things at work AND keeping up with the holiday family stuff.

But finishing anything feels good, doesn't it? I am feeling closure.

12-19-15, 11:36am
'Fed' the Christmas cakes/Black Bun for the final time, just the marzipan and royal icing on the cakes tomorrow, then I'm done!

Collect the turkey on Tuesday and final shop for fresh stuff on Wed and then enjoy the Christmas and Hogmanay celebrations.

12-19-15, 11:39am
Ishbel, what is a Hogmanay celebration?

And congratulations on finishing the cakes tomorrow, you are inspiring me to make Christmas cookies--kind of forgot about those.

12-19-15, 9:18pm
I am devoted to finishing with the New Zealand pictures before New Years. I think we took over 2000 digital shots, which means if I present 5% of them in a slide show, it's still too many. It's also on four different devices, many duplicates. arrgh, what were we thinking! Anyway, I know what happens when the projects get set aside "for the new year", so NO, no no, this will get done in the next 10 days.

Chicken lady
12-19-15, 10:03pm
Finished cleaning the dining porch. One bookshelf to dust and I'll be finished cleaning the livingroom and ready to get the tree tomorrow.