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12-25-15, 8:28pm
We've had a great time. Dh and I went to a bluegrass candlelight service last night, then took a walk through the snow to our local pub. Dd stayed home to finish up all her homework, as she is visiting friends in the Bay Area for the next week.

I got dh a sauerkraut crock and a Bernie T-shirt; dd got a camera (I decided on the Nikon Coolpix L840 - she's playing with it now.) I received some violet plants, a big bag of hazelnuts, and 2 pounds of local raw honey. Perfect.

We just skipped the feasting entirely this year, and none of us missed it. In fact, we all agreed that we feel a lot better just eating normally (though we did get an incredibly rich & tasty pecan pie.)

Today we went for a long walk with the dogs and spent some time cleaning up the house. All is peaceful.

I even got the cards mailed on time :)

Peace, love, and full moon tonight!

12-25-15, 8:46pm
Right after I posted that I got up and stepped in a big puddle of puppy piddle :)

Chicken lady
12-25-15, 10:15pm
Sorry about the piddle puddle!

We had all three of our bio kids, one fiancÚ and a girlfriend here for the day.

Opened presents, had a delicious midday dinner mostly cooked by dh, played games, told stories, listened to music and just generally enjoyed each other's company. We also had a big box from my parents with gifts for everyone.

Dh and i just dd stockings for each other. I got chocolate, nuts, hand lotion, Two new tea towels, a puzzle, a beautiful glass art ball, a handmade by dd tea cup, really nice cozy socks, a notebook, a pair of earrings, a phone message box with a picture of my brother and me from 29 years ago on the front, and three little dolls (from my mom). one is tiny and will probably become a Christmas ornament. I'm not sure about the other two. They were stocking stuffers and probably thrift store finds so I'm pretty sure mom won't be hurt if I pass them along. She'll consider one out of three an ok sucess rate.

Float On
12-25-15, 11:27pm
It was nice to not go anywhere. Had time to make french toast and eggs for breakfast. Boys opened their gifts. DH and I had nothing to open and that was fine (checks we'd rec'd from our parents were already deposited). I took time to make a feast; homemade noodles, dressing, turkey (Free from DH's work), mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, veeggies and a cranberry/orange compote. I didn't make bread since we had dressing and had had french toast earlier. We should of taken a walk since the weather was so nice but didn't, watched a movie instead and then I tried a new to me recipe for a custard cake and then I decided to do banana foster with pecans to add to the cake and it was delish! (except I hate bananas so I tried to avoid that part...next time I think I'll do pear). I even had time for 3 loads of laundry.

12-26-15, 1:47am
I had a solar powered bird bath I stole from a roadside stand for $40. Well it finally had to be thrown away after being fixed many times. My wife gave me a new one. I hope that many birds will have their thirst quenched and refresh their little feathers out on my patio for years to come.

I also was able to retire a well used bread machine today. One of my favorite smells in the world is that of freshly baked bread. It is truly amazing.......our sense of smell.

Today I am thankful for water and bread. Simple.

12-26-15, 7:04am
DH & I did not exchange gifts, had a lazy morning, and then made the most of the amazing, sunny, 60+ degree day by taking a 2.5 hour walk in the woods. We saw a pileated woodpecker for the very first time!

12-26-15, 8:08am
The woodpecker sounds wonderful.

cold but sunny, which was a nice change, walked the dogs, talked to the kids and my parents. Lazed around all day and used my new Christmas April Cornell tablecloth with my jadeite dishes and vintage dansk fjord flatware. So beautiful! We and ate chicken drumsticks and leftovers and a salad.

My husband gave me the coolest Swedish dishclothes that I have been admiring-made of cellulose and cotton, and you can wash them in the washing machine. The Swedes are so practical, yet everything is always beautiful.

Float On
12-26-15, 10:20am
DH & I did not exchange gifts, had a lazy morning, and then made the most of the amazing, sunny, 60+ degree day by taking a 2.5 hour walk in the woods. We saw a pileated woodpecker for the very first time!

So glad you got to see one. We have 6 in our area, they usually travel in pairs so when I see one I look around for another. I love seeing them.

12-26-15, 11:05am
We got lucky this year that BF happened to get Christmas Eve, Christmas, and most of Boxing Day off work (industry that's 24-7 so someone is always working) so we get a lot of time to see each other, as I got a five-day weekend off work. We also both got lucky that the other has no family in the area and is equally averse to big Christmas dinners, so our plans were to do not much. It's been very cold, unfortunately, but we've managed at least some daylight dog walks, which are great, since I don't see daylight during my workdays right now. I made pancakes yesterday (one of my rare holiday traditions) which turned out very well, and we just hung out and relaxed. Exactly the kind of holiday I want. No gifts, no pressure, no religion. Next year he might be working but we'll also be living elsewhere, where I have family, so I can chill with my sister and her family next year, if I want.

Teacher Terry
12-26-15, 11:42am
Xmas eve we went out for dinner after my DIL got off work. Spent the evening talking. The next day my DIL put a meal in the crockpot before work and DH and I went to a movie, came home and spent evening with the kids. Very different then usual. Often I would cook 2 big meals, have lots of people over etc but I am sick of doing that. No gifts for any of us either. Just being together and having fun. The kids did get us a gift certificate to a restaurant we really like so will use it today to celebrate our anniversary. WE have lots of snow which is unusual for us and my big dog loves to run and play in it so we always do that or take a walk everyday.

12-27-15, 9:04am
Sounds like everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Wishing all a very Happy New Year as well!

Float On
12-27-15, 9:41am
To me the day after was even better. We stayed in PJs all day and just watched movies and ate leftovers. I did nothing!

12-27-15, 10:28am
Happy anniversary, Teacher Terry!

Christmas day was nice, no one came til 3p. My brother and his soon-to-be fiancee made a chicken dinner. The kids came, we did presents. I worked on Christmas gifts for months, collecting items at a very good price but that someone would actually want. Everybody seemed to like the things and kept saying I spent too much, I didn't, I came in under budget of $500 for 6 family and multiple small items for the people who have helped us over the year. I have some small stuff left for next year. It was nice to hear someone say, "ooh, I like this," rather than "thanks for the gift card", I was sick of doing that. Maybe they weren't as happy as gift cards, and I might go back to that next year but this year it was fun trying to find just the right things.

yesterday I did nothing. My brother took his GF to a mountain overlook and finally proposed. The wedding is practically planned, he had the ring and she had picked it out, finally he just did it.

oh, I made it through a whole movie since 9/14 yesterday. It took all day and I am sure I missed jokes because it was Woody Allen and not as good as I had hoped, but I'm sure it's me, not him, lol. It was Scoop. I had to keep rewinding when I picked it up again but did eventually make it through. Yay! Practice and that should be fun homework.

I'm ready to take the tree down and return to normal but we have company staying over today.

12-27-15, 12:05pm
To me the day after was even better. We stayed in PJs all day and just watched movies and ate leftovers. I did nothing!
Float On, that's almost exactly what we did (minus some time to shovel a few inches of fluffy snow). After a day with DW's family and a day with mine, we just wanted some quiet time. Ate leftovers, admired the few decorations we put up, did some minimal cleanup (dishwasher did most of it), listened to some new CDs I got as a gift, and just hung out. Wonderful day!

Teacher Terry
12-27-15, 1:56pm
Thanks Freshstart! It sounds like everyone had great holidays. Now when I do entertain I prefer to have no more then 10 people total. Up until about 5 years ago it was the more the better. Guess I am getting old:|(