View Full Version : Life is simple

12-28-15, 11:48am
Really enjoyed that last 3-4 weeks. I have been:
1. Basically living in my yoga/workout gear. Lots of exercise and movement.
2. Weather- until yesterday, it was up in the 70's here. I still will enjoy the sun in the cold.
3. Lots of games and movies with the family. VERY excited to have shared the new Star Wars movie with my son. (INSERT GEEKING OUT HERE)
4. We have purged some more stuff from the house, including some old furniture. The living room is so spacious now. I love it!!

Keeping it simple and happy!!! Such a wonderful time of the year.

12-30-15, 12:18am
Sounds great!
I promised dd I wouldn't see Star Wars without her, and she is away for the week. Eeeek!

I wish I could purge some furniture. Dh really likes to hold onto things just in case. We just moved and our basement is already getting crowded.

12-31-15, 1:04am
It sounds awesome! I think that simple living makes many people feel rich in spirit and time. I'm getting there !