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4-12-11, 11:48am
Hi everyone, just thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm Cathy, and I'm from Virginia Beach, VA.

I'm striving for a simpler life but right now it's pretty hectic.

I care for my elderly, ill mom while also watching my 19 month old grandaughter who lives with me a long with 2 of my 3 grown children.

Fortunately, I do work from home so I can fit it around family needs.

At this stage of my life, I crave a simpler, less hectic life but it's pretty stressful right now.

I'm looking forward to being a member on this board.

4-12-11, 11:58am
Welcome Cathy!

4-12-11, 12:12pm
Welcome Cathy! Wow, you're life sounds really really full. No wonder you are contemplating simplifying. What kinds of challenges are you looking to start on?

4-12-11, 2:52pm
Welcome! I grew up in VA.

Float On
4-12-11, 5:14pm

4-12-11, 6:48pm
http://th266.photobucket.com/albums/ii269/theogrit/sign%20or%20English%20smilies/th_2sgn052welcomewagon.gifWelcome Cathy! Hoping you set your roots and grow with us.

4-12-11, 10:30pm
Welcome on board Cathy you will enjoy it here...if you can find anytime you sound very busy...
this is a good place to come for a rest and a cup of tea...

4-13-11, 8:54am
Welcome Cathy, it's nice to have you join us!

Sad Eyed Lady
4-13-11, 9:11am
Welcome to you Cathy - good to have you along. Striving to live a more simple life is very worthwhile, even when you feel like that hectic, stressful day to day life is pulling you apart. I guess we've all been there, or are still there, in one form or another. Join us when you have time.