View Full Version : Garmin Vivocactive Review

1-13-16, 5:05am
LOVE it! I thought as always, way way to long to buy the watch. The Apple watch I looked at often, yet that had too much tech it seemed for me. I did not want to answer my phone on my watch, but wanted a activity recorder. I also bought the Foot Pod, Cycle Pod and Heart Rate Pod with the watch. Ok I have a bit of OCD when it comes to recording my daily events.
Pros: Easy to use, Battery power, Syncs flawlessly, Acurate, Love being able to see who is texting emails or calling yet do not answer. I used to grab my phone when I was doing stuff to see, now I just keep my phone in my purse and look at watch.
Cons: I do not like the band
Uses: I use this all day and night. I have a perfect log of my daily activities such has since 1-1-16 I have logged 165 miles on my feet walking and running. I use bike computers on all my bikes, now with the Vivoactive I have one central unit and it syncs auto so no more multiple units. Indoor treadmill recording is great for me as I always kept a log so I stayed on track till I hit the roads this spring. Which I can't wait to road run and use it.
99% satisfied, just wish it had other bands

Adding today I added my diet tracker to it, so I am held accountable to it.