View Full Version : MINNESOTA Meet-Up June 5th

4-13-11, 5:37pm
Let us Minnesotans & Neighbors meet up on Sunday June 5th at 3pm. Possible locations:

1. Lake Calhoun (southside by the volleyball nets).
2. Loring Park / Walker Outdoor Sculpture Garden
3. St. Anthony Main Downtown Minneapolis Riverfront
4. Suggest Your Own Idea

Rules: No Money Is To Be Spent!

Who Is In?

4-13-11, 5:59pm
Wish I had more time and money right now. I'd drive down from Winnipeg. Love to meet some simple livers in real life. But not to be this year, I don't think.

4-13-11, 6:50pm
I think that is doable for me. I'm pretty flexible about location too. This could be fun!

4-13-11, 8:13pm
Great idea! You know, I've been wanting to check out Silverwood Park in St. Anthony, which Stella has mentioned many times. Stella, how would that park be for a group gathering? A plus is that there's a building in case of rain...

4-13-11, 10:10pm
I'm in! Location flexible, and I also like the Silverwood Park idea.

4-14-11, 7:53am
I think there are probably others who are in Harmony's situation as well. I am time-flexible for weekends as long as things are planned well in advance.

4-14-11, 9:08am
Silverwood would be a good location, and it really couldn't get any more convenient for me than Silverwood. There are a couple of picnic areas there, an outdoor patio with tables and chairs and an indoor seating area.

I'm pretty open for different times as well.

5-23-11, 6:28am
Time to wake this discussion up again.