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Float On
3-4-16, 1:08pm
Didn't notice one so I thought I'd start since my SUV looks like a person is living out of it. Cleaned a couple of closets at church. The crazy things people bring to church thinking "someone will want that"...well no one wants it because "it must belong to someone".
Items included: coffee mugs, two ironing boards, several 3 legged tables you put a cloth cover over, yarn organizer, plastic stacking shelves, table cloths in uncountable numbers, canes, walkers, a wheelchair, boxes of craft projects, baked bean pots, boxes of clothes, kitchen canisters. etc...

3-4-16, 4:21pm
I'm going through my bookcases again. Reading saved magazines-Urban Farming, Eating Well, Weight Watchers. I'm tearing out the pages I want to keep and tossing the remainder in the recycling bin. ( I went through books in December and got rid of dozens I haven't used since the last time I did it-probably 10y ago.)

3-9-16, 10:30am
I've been reading (audiobook) that Tidying UP book by Marie Kondo. I resist her with every word: she drives me nuts for so many reasons YET I am finding myself moved to let go of things that were just sitting there, not even on my decluttering radar, before. SO I think I do have to give her credit but it is grudging.

I've been gathering a number of items in a large box, plus a big bag of clothes. They were in the basement, just being a gathering place. On Saturday I dropped them off and I was AMAZED at how light that made me feel. Honestly, I didn't think that anything in the basement would exert any effect whatsoever. Now when I see that open space in the basement I smile.

Of course I have already started a new box, of necessity. I don't want my kids to have to sort through a pile of what they call "cultch" in Maine. Not that I am planning to die anytime soon but we generally don't get to pick the time.

3-9-16, 12:34pm
32 books to the thriftstore are in my trunk for my next driveby the store.:cool: This is probably my 3rd time through my bookcases in 10 years.

3-9-16, 1:56pm
Releasing books into the wild is a good activity. Hooray for you, Gardnr. I need to do it yet again.

I am an amazon victim. One click shopping is too easy.

Okay, that's garbage, I know that I am not a victim. But it is fun to whine about it once in awhile.

3-9-16, 8:25pm
Ah, I've enjoyed that liberation of one click shopping with books right onto my Kindle. I haven't bought a paper book in almost 2 years. My nightstand is neat and tidy now, and so are my bookshelves. :)

3-10-16, 8:08am
Ah, I've enjoyed that liberation of one click shopping with books right onto my Kindle. I haven't bought a paper book in almost 2 years. My nightstand is neat and tidy now, and so are my bookshelves. :)

I borrow from the library. Stopped (mostly) buying books when I read YMOL and started tracking every penny. I do occasionally purchase an e-book....but really, I love a paper book in my hand rather than a bright screen....which is not good for us approaching bedtime.

Chicken lady
3-24-16, 9:10am
This thread has not been very active!

i'm on spring break this week and I've been working on the house and helping my heart daughter move.

"Working on the house" has mostly involved cleaning, opening bins, moving things around, and grouping by type, with small touches of purging here and there - this morning I decided to toss a wine bottle I had saved for flowers into the recycling for example.

but this morning I also lifted the lid off of the last unlabeled "bin I packed stuff into to keep the concrete dust off of it" and it wasn't books. Which means, that every single book in my house is on a bookshelf! This is the seconding this has happened (the first time was shortly before construction when I was purging like a crazy person). Some of those bookshelves are standing aimlessly in the center of the basement, but the books are shelved. This, even though I got rid of a 6" tall bookshelf this week and a small one earlier in the construction process.

i have brought two small bins home from my classroom, but that is the only storage I've added during over a year of the elephant project, and I gave three Christmas bins to my kids with only half as much Christmas stuff. So, net on the bin volume, I'm down by one Christmas bin. I also got rid of a trunk for an 18" doll and some cardboard boxes.

And, I dropped off my daughter's old changing table at goodwill yesterday - I'd been using it as an oversized storage rack. I originally found it on the curb and none of my kids like it.

Zoe Girl
3-24-16, 11:50am
I am supposed to be starting the work clean out. Our building is closing for construction this summer and I have a day to clean out and move to host summer camp at another site. Then I have 2 ish days to move back in. Over spring break we are separating our supplies into stuff that can stay at the school in storage, stuff that can be used up or thrown away before the end of the year, and stuff I need to move to the camp site for summer program. I also have a lot of paperwork that I am putting into the warehouse at work just in case, I don't want that at the school storage units. We have planned a work day over break to totally purge, I am pretty comfortable with throwing things away (harder when my budget goes down every year) but it is work!

At least I really don't need to clean, they will be tearing things up so it doesn't really matter if I clean.

3-27-16, 10:31am
I took 31 things to Goodwill yesterday and returned 10 things to Cost Plus. Total for month: 41.

4-1-16, 2:04am
Took 7 things to Goodwill and recycled a printer cartridge that had been in my trunk forever. New total for month: 48.