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4-15-11, 7:14pm
I just got a message from Kalpana Shankar, who many of you may remember from the old incarnation of the boards. She passed on the very sad news that our long-time member and friend Hoosiernan passed away on Wednesday. Kalpana doesn't know all the details, will be trying to follow up with the family. I will post any updates I get here.

Sorry to have to pass on this news. Nancy had a really rough time in the past years with economic and health challenges, but I always felt she handled everything with grace and courage. I will miss her.


4-15-11, 7:37pm
Oh no! How horribly sad. She was just getting her life going in the right direction. She's one of the people I always particularly liked and respected from the old SLN boards.

4-15-11, 7:49pm
Lhamo, thanks so much for the information. It is so sad; yet I appreciate knowing so that I can take some time to think about Nan, think about what she offered to me, as a longtime lurker on the old board, and what she meant to me.

Nan, wherever you are, requiescat in pacem, and many thanks for the gifts you shared here and elsewhere in your world. I will miss you.

4-15-11, 7:50pm
OMG!! That's awful!! I had no idea that she was that close to death. Dammit. She spent so much of her life struggling.....then she finally broke free and was going to get her life moving in a direction that made her happy. Oh how utterly tragic!! I feel really bad that I hadn't asked about her in awhile. I'm just sick.
Thankyou for passing this news on to us lhamo. Please let us know if you hear anything else about her. Oh how so very sad.

4-15-11, 7:57pm

4-15-11, 8:02pm
Oh, my! Prayers, condolences and positives energies going out to all and to you, Nan!

4-15-11, 8:07pm
This just seems so sad. But it was nice to get to know her and I hope she enjoyed her time on these boards.

4-15-11, 8:18pm
Looking back over her last thread, it looks like she was having a bit of a hard time after her colon cancer surgery. She also had breast cancer. Then around the end of February, she had a stent put in her bile duct, since it was clogged and her liver was failing. She still sounded positive though. I hope she didn't suffer too much.
I hope she's free and well now. We'll miss you Nan, and are so glad we knew you here.

4-15-11, 8:18pm
Oh dear. I'm so sorry to hear that. Nan went way back and to me was always a part of these boards.

4-15-11, 8:20pm
So sad to hear this.

4-15-11, 9:02pm
Very sorry to hear this news as well...peace be with her now.

4-15-11, 9:13pm
That is awful! I am praying for her family!

4-15-11, 9:14pm
So sorry to hear this. I thank the person for passing along the info as I had wondered how things were going with Nan and had not heard for some time.

4-15-11, 9:16pm
So very sad to hear that news, and a very big thank you to Kalpana Shankar for letting us know. We knew that her situation was very grave and the prognosis was not good, but am just so sorry that she is gone and hope that she was able to leave with a minimum of pain and suffering. She had a very hard time over the past years, and I know that the support from members here meant a lot to her.

Simpler at Fifty
4-15-11, 9:17pm
RIP Nan. This is sad indeed.

4-15-11, 9:19pm
I am really sad. Miss you Hoosiernan. :(

4-15-11, 9:26pm
very sorry to hear this......

4-15-11, 9:37pm
~~~ RIP Hoosiernan ~~~


4-15-11, 9:49pm
Very sad. She certainly had been having a tough time. All peace and good wishes to Nan, wherever you are.

Float On
4-15-11, 10:04pm
Thanks for passing along the news. Sad.

early morning
4-15-11, 10:13pm
Oh how sad - she sure went through a lot! I will miss her...

4-15-11, 10:17pm
So sad to hear; she was a very special person. Her loved ones will be in my thoughts and prayers.

4-15-11, 10:40pm
So sorry to hear the sad news as well. Remember her from "way back when", and also remember her from another site we both (and maybe others?) frequented: Ship of Fools. She is missed ...

4-15-11, 11:27pm
Be at peace Nan............

4-15-11, 11:32pm
I found her facebook profile and through that sent a message to someone (I think a relative by marriage -- had the same last name in her name) to let her know everyone here is very sorry to hear the news and would like to send our condolences to her family, especially her boys. I know that they meant so much to her and she was so proud of how well they had done, and the fact that they had been homeschooled. I'll let you know if/when I hear back.


iris lily
4-16-11, 12:06am
I am so glad you posted this.

Hoosiernan, R.I.P.

I'm glad that she got her boys launched in life before this, but it is SO sad that this happened just when she was getting out on her own and leading the life she wanted to live.

4-16-11, 12:43am
Thanks for letting us know Ihamo. I will miss her too.

4-16-11, 12:53am
I'm very sorry to hear this news. Rest in peace.

4-16-11, 1:09am
Sad news indeed, but she will remain in our memories.
Thank you KShankar and Ihamo.

4-16-11, 3:48am
Nan, I will miss you. I feel like I've known you for years from the old message boards. I hope it is wonderful where you are at....

Mighty Frugal
4-16-11, 7:56am
Oh, I m so sadden to read this. She was such a wonderful woman and I too was happy when she finally set herself free from her former stifling life only to be abruptly stopped in her tracks by this dastardly disease.

I hope she has found peace

4-16-11, 10:02am
Although we never met in person, I always admired her spirit as it came through in her writing. Rest in peace.

4-16-11, 10:03am
I'm very sorry to hear. It is very sad that she seemed to be making a life for herself and then got sick so quickly.

Rest in peace, Hoosiernan.

4-16-11, 11:10am

4-16-11, 11:13am
She was a fighter; I followed her trying situations over the years. She is finally at peace.

4-16-11, 11:15am
This is so sad. Kind wishes go out to her sons.

4-16-11, 1:03pm
That's horrible. I didn't know her well and only knew her through these boards, but she always struck me as such a LIVELY person in spirit and with such a great sense of humor: way too alive to die, and so suddenly too. :(

4-16-11, 5:46pm
That is such sad news. She was always a great contributor to these boards and will be missed.

4-16-11, 11:02pm
I am very sad hearing this news. It makes one think about what is really important in the greater scheme of things.
I hope everyone tells the most important people in their lives how much they mean to them.

domestic goddess
4-16-11, 11:56pm
Oh, what a sad shame! Just as she was finally getting where she wanted to be. I'm sorry she didn't get to spend more time there. But I trust she is at rest now, and that suffering is a thing of the past.
I never met her in person, and only knew her through these boards, but it was a "friendship" I treasured. My condolences and wishes for comfort to her sons.

4-17-11, 12:42pm
Just checking in after a busy weekend. I am also very saddened to hear that Hoosiernan passed away. I hope her family is aware of her place in our hearts here!

4-17-11, 3:04pm
I don't mean this to be morbid, but its sad that we can't even look up some of her old posts. :(

4-17-11, 5:49pm
I have an email from Hoosiernan dated the 20th of December (last year). I had emailed her to extend my well wishes to her and to let her know she was thought of and missed. I still can't believe she's gone and even as sick as she was at the time she returned my email she sounded happy and full of life/energy.

4-17-11, 6:43pm
Going to work would be the last thing I would do if I were that sick. But I think HoosierNan had a real work ethic going there. Plus, for so long, she was working for the whole family. She was definitely the glue that held them all together.
I remember when she first went to the doctor and after her tests, she learned she had breast and colon cancer and a couple other problems. It sounds like her liver was really having problems too. I think it all progressed very rapidly. Bless her heart.

4-17-11, 8:41pm
So sad to hear this news. Hoosiernan's family is in my thoughts. I remember her being so proud of her sons and the strides they were making in becoming adults.

4-17-11, 10:50pm
I've been off the boards for a little while, just checked in tonight and found this thread. How very sad that just as her life was finally going the way she wanted it to it should come to such a sudden end. I shall miss her . . .

4-18-11, 8:38am
How very sad...

4-18-11, 9:13am
I am so sorry to hear this! I remember Hoosiernan's posts through the years and the various challenges she had to face. I will miss her too. :(

Thanks for letting us know, Ihamo. I was thinking of her just the other day and wondering how things were going.

4-18-11, 1:48pm
I haven't been on the boards for awhile, either and just found this. She was always so helpful and caring in her posts, as i'm sure she was "IRL." I will miss her here. Thanks, lhamo, for letting us know.

4-20-11, 5:27pm
Blessings and peace to Nan and her family.
I will miss you presence Nan.

4-20-11, 9:51pm
You seemed just here,
but with a flutter of wings
your spirit lifted.
We, the Earth-bound
can only wonder
at a journey
so bravely taken.

(written to honor my mother's death, but sharing it with you as Nan was another bright spirit set free)

4-20-11, 9:56pm
That's beautiful HappyHiker.

4-20-11, 10:03pm
Beautiful HappyHiker.

4-23-11, 11:05am
Oh my gosh I am so shocked and saddened. She's been a member here thru many incarnations of these boards and it feels like losing an old friend. You will be missed Hoosiernan!

4-23-11, 12:00pm

Nan, may your suffering be done, may your travels take you far.

4-23-11, 6:51pm
Gosh, sorry for not updating this thread -- things got a bit out of control in our house this week..

Kalpana attended the service and sad it was lovely, but very sad. It turns out Nancy and her husband had reconciled in the past few months -- I was glad to hear that she found peace with him before she passed. Kalpana sent me the email addresses for the boys, and I plan to write to them to share our collective condolences and positive memories of Nancy -- I'll also let them know about the board and this thread. I'll also ask if it is ok if I pass on their contact info to anyone who would like to contact them individually.

Sorry again for the delayed update.


Anne Lee
4-24-11, 9:10am
I'm late to this thread as I've been away, but such sad, sad news. Rest in Peace, Nancy.

4-24-11, 7:47pm
Anne Lee. So happy to see you back!!! I've really missed your company. http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-hug003.gif

4-26-11, 5:48am
I am so shocked about this.

The person we knew is no longer where she was. But she will be wherever we think of her. (Augustinus)